10/02/2022Renowned Percussionist Imed Alibi & Fellow Tunisian Producer Khalil Epi Release Frenetic Eight-Tracker

Master percussionist and composer Imed Alibi is a household name in Tunisian music, who began his career at an early age, playing alongside several popular and classical North African/Middle Eastern orchestras, and has since collaborated with renowned artists the likes of Rachid Taha, Natasha Atlas, Emel Mathlouthi and more. After relocating to Montpellier, France, in the early 2000s, he joined French 'rock 'n' raï' group Les Boukakes, released his first solo album "Safar" in 2014 and followed that up in 2018 with the soufi/jazz album "Salhi".

Alibi's latest collaborative project skilfully combines percussion with contemporary electronics and sees him join musical forces with Tunisian multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer Khalil Hentati, alias Khalil Epi. Sharing a common passion for traditional North African rhythms, the duo spent several years researching and archiving the "traditional Mezwed and Bedoui repertoires," before adding their personal touch and sending said rhythms into hyperspace on eight magnificent, hyper-energetic and dancefloor-ready tracks.

"Frigya" is the word for 'Africa' in an ancient Tunisian dialect and the album is "a tribute to the African heritage found in Tunisian rhythms; a link between the Arab and African worlds; a transmission of intergenerational legacies, in a common spirit of openness."  Building flourishing synthscapes and bedding the intricate percussive elements on rolling bass lines, Imed Alibi and Khalil Epi have succeeded in creating a delirious yet delectable full-length that is curiously enjoyable in all its uptempo furore.

Click the player below to stream/buy the album in full and/or watch a live session to album track "Dajkovo".

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom