Italian Producer Khalab Presents Afrofuturist Audio Documentary Recorded In Mauritanian Refugee Camp

Some three years after releasing his pivotal afro-centric and poly-phonic tapestry of future bass, jazz and field recordings, entitled "Black Noise 2084", the multi-talented Italian producer, writer and artistic director Raffaele Constantino, aka Khalab, has readied a new project that is somewhat difficult to put into words and best listened to in its entirety. Let us nonetheless provide you with some context as a backdrop for what you are about to [...]

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Arab Palestinian Vocal Artist Samah Mustafa Releases Kaleidoscopic Nine-Track Album To Therapeutic Effect

Every now and then we chance upon an album that commands our full attention and speaks to us with a voice that is entirely its own. Such is the case with Arab Palestinian singer, musician and vocal/music therapist Samah Mustafa, who late last year released her nine-track album "Balloor" to the world. "Balloor" (or 'Crystals') sees Samah exploring new levels and layers in her own voice, using it both as an instrument and a means to express different [...]

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Žali Zare

Video Premiere: Balkan Taksim Unveil Spellbinding Fourth Single Off Forthcoming Debut Album On Buda Musique
GreedyforBestMusic-Balkan-Taksim-ZALI- ZARE-artwork-small

Look up in the sky, is it a bird, is it a plane? Balkan Taksim are prepared for liftoff. The Romanian duo just released single number four off its forthcoming, long-awaited debut album and is now set to premiere the accompanying official music video via yours truly. Blending electronic psychedelia with regional traditions, multi-instrumentalist Sașa-Liviu Stoianovici and producer Alin Zăbrăuțeanu are currently pushing the boundaries of contemporary Balkan [...]

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Daniel Haaksman Invites Us To Keep On Dancing With Tropical New Single And Feathery Companion Visuals

Beckoning us to join him on his latest tropicalia-tinged, club-ready single "Vem" is Berlin-based producer, DJ, radio host, journalist and Man Recordings label founder Daniel Haaksman. Haaksman has long been a purveyor of global bass and tropical styles, ranging from his 2004-released "Rio Baile Funk Favela Booty Beats" compilation to his 2016-realeased "African Fabrics" LP and his 2020-released "Black Atlantica Edits". So it may not come as a surprise that his [...]

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Amapiano Selections

Young South African DJ / Producer Teno Afrika Brings Us Sophisticated Debut Album Of Township-Inspired Instrumentals

Easter is here and with that we present you Teno Afrika's "Amapiano Selections" released late last year on the always stellar Awesome Tapes from Africa imprint. In case you were wondering, let us provide some more context: Like kwaito and diBacardi, the amapiano style of electronic music arose from the townships of South Africa, marked by a "DIY ethos" and "evolving from an underground sound to a nationwide mainstream staple," Setumo-Thebe Mohlomi's liner notes [...]

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Monika / Zabawa w Ciemności

Astigmatic Records Returns W/ Another Release By Iconic Composer Henryk Debich And The Polish Radio & Television Orchestra Łódź

Dobry dzień! Hot on the heels of their widely celebrated reissue of Polish songstress Renata Lewandowska's 1970s classic "Dotyk" (in collaboration with The Very Polish Cut Outs), Astigmatic Records returns with a sizzling 7" release by the "founder, leader and conductor of the funkiest orchestra in Eastern Europe."  Preceded by the remastered reissue of Henryk Debich and the Łódź Polish Radio and Television Orchestra's 1978-recorded LPs "Horyzonty" and "[...]

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Introspection / Migration

J.H. Guraj Embarks On A Guitar-Led, Nomadic Journey Of Inner Resettlement Via Maple Death Records

What have we here? Country? Western? Flamenco? As the sounds of J.H. Guraj's guitar come tumbling out of our speakers we cannot help but wonder, where's this coming from and where's it going? Mysterious yet familiar and most definitely enticing, we decide to wander down the same dirt road, marveling at each and every unfamiliar turn. Is this free-flowing improvisation or premeditated ? 

J.H. Guraj released his bountiful opus back in the summer of 2020 on [...]

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Duniya Kya Hai

Lapgan Drops Insane Beat Tape Composed Almost Exclusively Of Sounds From India And Pakistan

It's a rare feat to ready a project that is coherent from start to finish, that is so complete it is best consumed in its entirety. Chicago-based beatmaker and producer Lapgan recently released an insanely dense 21-track beat tape for Mauritius-based imprint electrocaïne's X-Series, "composed almost exclusively with sounds from India and Pakistan."  His latest project digs deep into the '60s and '70s film industry of both Pakistan and India, revealing uncanny [...]

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Portuguese Producer Batida Joins Forces With Angolan Rapper/Activist Ikonoklasta On Forthcoming Debut LP

Batida, Batida, the name definitely rang a bell. A quick search of the archives revealed that we had indeed covered the Angola-born and Lisbon-raised producer Pedro Coquenão, alias Batida, a few years back, during his involvement with legendary Congolese 'thumb piano' outfit Konono No.1 for Belgian label Crammed Discs. We breathed a sigh of relief. After all, Batida "ranks among the leading exponents of the new wave of African electronic music."

With another [...]

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Les Mamans Du Congo

French Producer Rrobin Joins Forces W/ Congolese Afro-Feminist Collective On Remarkable Emancipatory Effort

Time to ring in 2021 with a release that arrived late last year on Lyon-based "audioactivist" imprint Jarring Effects, but no doubt deserves all the attention it can get. "Les Mamans du Congo & Rrobin" is a collaborative and emancipatory effort to empower African women, that combines age-old Bantu lullabies with state-of-the-art electronic instrumentation rooted in hiphop. Led by renowned Congolese chanteuse and percussionist Gladys Samba, Les Mamans du Congo [...]

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Voix Du Maghreb

Québec-based Imprint Gharamophone Releases 10-Track Compilation Of Judeo-Arabic Shellac Recordings (1930-1956)

On this last day of Hanukkah, we thought it befitting to share the latest digital release of Chris Silver's Montreal-based Gharamophone (gharam (غرام) meaning  "love," "passion," and "infatuation") imprint, "dedicated to preserving North Africa's Jewish musical past, one record at a time." And that is quite literally what the compilation achieves in astounding fashion, complete with bagpipes (mizwid), birdsong and that charming yet unrelenting crackle of [...]

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Too Little Too Late

The Jewish Monkeys Return From Creative Lockdown To Premiere A Punk-Infused, Visual Reality Check

Hanukkah is here and the Jewish Monkeys are back. After having the second leg of their "Catastrophic Life" tour obliterated by a certain global pandemic, the band locked down in its native Tel Aviv, keeping a low profile and waiting for the dust to settle. Restless by nature, however, this hiatus did not last and the group soon returned to the proverbial drawing board to get those creative juices flowing again.

Premiering today, is the spanking new companion [...]

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