Balkan Express

Experimental Composer/Performer Tasos Stamou Embarks On A Six-Track, Synth-Led Retro-Balkan Journey

This is an express post to express our profound appreciation for London-based experimental music composer and performer, alternative electronic music instrument maker, tutor and sound technologist Tasos Stamou's current six-track album "Balkan Express", released last month on French imprint Akuphone. "Exploring the gap between ancient and contemporary transcendental music, using both traditional and advanced media," Stamou has been "developing a unique style of [...]

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Djine Bora

Bamako’s Singular BKO Quintet Releases Riveting Third Album Via Bongo Joe Records

Five years ago, we reviewed the feverish sophomore album "Mali Foli Coura" ('new music from Mali') by the singular Malian five-piece BKO, inviting listeners to explore the heart of modern-day Mali, while combining the traditional music of the griots with the ancient, mystical rituals of animist hunters. This combination of distinct musical traditions is indeed unparalleled though highly representative of the country's heritage. Last Friday, BKO unveiled their [...]

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Sounds Of Lecak

Singaporean Imprint Kribo Records Releases 20-Track Comp Of Soulful Psych & Funk From The Malay Archipelago

Hop aboard a musical flight to Southeast Asia behind the "Sounds of Lecak Vol.1", a recently released compilation, featuring a lush 20-track selection of "contemporary artists from the Singaporean underground." This record was pieced together by the enigmatic musician and producer Haqim Maggot (or simply Maggot) in his very own studio, "sitting atop a bean curd shop on grungy Geylang Road in Singapore." Which also happens to be the home of his independent label [...]

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Rhythm Revolution

Acid Jazz Records Re-Release Raw 1970s Garage-Funk Album By Beninese Musical Visionary Ferry Djimmy

Fuzzing through our stereo come the sounds of freedom inherent to the funk and rock 'n' roll movement of the 1960s and 1970s, music in its rawest and most genuine form, as a means of political expression. This is the first we are hearing of "Beninese musical visionary" Ferry Djimmy and his "Rhythm Revolution", an album "originally recorded in the mid-1970s in support of Benin’s revolutionary leader Mathieu Kérékou," but that doesn't lessen its impact. [...]

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Berlin's Onom Agemo Team Up With Mali's Ahmed Ag Kaedy On Desert Blues-Inspired New Album

This is not the first time that Berlin five-piece Onom Agemo & The Disco Jumpers and Malian Tuareg singer, guitarist and songwriter Ahmed Ag Kaedy (Amanar de Kidal) embark on a unique musical exploration of Saharan blues rock fused with layered, jazzy psychedelic krautfunk. In fact, their first collaboration resulted in the 2018-released two-track single "Onin Okalan" (transl. 'realization'), revealing an unusual musical chemistry and a foundation to build on. [...]

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Bi Cinnete Bakar

Istanbul Underground Outfit Lalalar Release Their Fiercely Innovative Debut Full-Length On Bongo Joe
GreedyforBestMusic-Lalalar-Bi-Cinnete-Bakar-Les-Disques-Bongo-Joe-Kara-Gözüktü Kaptan-

Quite frankly, we're having a bit of a hard time keeping up with all the fascinating releases currently hitting the streets. This debut full-length by Istanbul's almighty Lalalar, however, is an absolute show-stopper and entirely in a league of its own. The bold and fiercely innovative three-piece is currently at the forefront of contemporary Turkish psychedelic rock and dark wave as well as a fixture on the megalopolis' tight-knit underground circuit.

"Bi [...]

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Amor (É Revolução)

Global Bass Pioneer Maga Bo Dives Deep Into Afro-Brazilian Soundscapes On Entrancing New Full-Length

Love is revolution. Such is the borderline philosophical title to producer, percussionist, DJ and global bass pioneer Maga Bo's latest full-length "Amor (É Revolução)" released on his own label Kaxambu Records a few weeks backs and presenting the emphatic outcome of a long-standing and ongoing exploration into Afro-Brazilian music. Marking his first solo album in a decade, Maga Bo does not hold back, presenting ten original compositions along with eleven [...]

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Kumoyo Island

Tokyo's Acid Folk/Psychedelic Rock Explorers Kikagaku Moyo Release Epic Fifth And Last Studio Album

Last call...all destination "Kumoyo Island"!  Envision yourself seated at a ferry terminal somewhere in Japan, tickets in hand, bags packed, provisions safely stowed inside, waiting for the vessel to embark on an eleven-stop journey to an imaginary island with Tokyo acid folk/psych rock explorers Kikagaku Moyo as your visionary tour guides. Well, best grab a window seat with some leg space, lean back and enjoy the ride. If you've been on one of [...]

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Lowrider Kumbias

San Jose's Turbo Sonidero Releases Intoxicating Cumbia- & Soul-Infused Eight-Track Stunner On Discos Rolas

Just a quick newsflash that this new eight-track joyride of a release is out there and currently oozing through our stereo. Straight outta San Jose, California, the somewhat enigmatic producer, excavator and refurbisher of quality latin sounds Turbo Sonidero dropped his "Lowrider Kumbias" on limited cassette/vinyl via L.A.-based imprint Discos Rolas back in March and, thanks to a recent post on Instagram by Santa Ana's CUMBIAS, we too are now in the [...]

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Curlew Sounds

Merlyn Driver And The RSPB Release A Majestic Comp To Support One Of The UK's Most Iconic And Endangered Birds

Waking up at the crack of dawn to a chirpy chorus of bird song these past weeks has been a welcome though slightly discordant event, yet one we ought to be grateful for, especially us city dwellers. As nature continues to make itself heard amidst the perils of climate change and general human sprawl, one might wonder, if sometime in the near future, this will no longer be case. Reminding us of the precarious situation of modern-day fowl and one bird in [...]

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Siempre Afro-Latino

Olindo Records & Música Infinita Reintroduce 1968-Released Debut Full-Length By Venezuelan Salsa Group Los Kenya

Talk about the Swinging Sixties...Olindo Records sister label Música Infinita is currently working our speaker system with its second release, more than a year after dropping its inaugural reissue of Venezuelan jazz staple Gerry Weil's "The Message". This time, the label has dug up another masterpiece, presenting "the raw and uncompromising Afro-Latin sound" of late '60s Venezuelan salsa group Los Kenya and bandleader/pianist Ray Perez. "¡Siempre [...]

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Brasil Novo

DJs Tahira (São Paulo) & Tim Garcia (London) Unearth Dancefloor-Ready Comp Of Folkloric Afro-Brazilian Grooves

Like sun reflecting off water the reactions to this new compilation of Brazilian music – as undifferentiated a term as that may be – have been resplendent, prompting us to chime in and add our two cents to the enthusiastic chorus. Musica Macondo, "a community of like-minded people aiming to create a space for musical discovery," recently released an eight track collection of essential sounds from Brazil, "featuring elements of samba, candomblé, batuques, [...]

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