Åland Islands

Synth-Viola Duo Jeremiah Chiu & Marta Sofia Honer Release Ethereal Ambient Debut From The Baltic Sea Archipelago

Islands themselves are a wonderful natural concept, come to think about it. Simply describing a piece of land surrounded entirely by water, the word itself evokes a world of imagery and sentiments, a metaphor, deeply ingrained in the human experience. Islands are vastly symbolic and often excite mixed feelings. They are ambiguous at best, representing both isolation and refuge, a welcome escape or even a place of no return. Though not all islands are [...]

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From Here

Palestinian-American Violinist Akram Abdulfattah Releases Electro-Acoustic Folk-Fusion EP On Levantine Music

Born in New Jersey in 1990, Palestinian-American violinist, composer and producer Akram Abdulfattah moved back to his parents' rural hometown Kaukab Abu al-Hija in Northern Galilee in 1995. Having relocated at an early age and having to adapt to a new, yet fascinating environment with a rich cultural heritage, will surely have made a lasting impression on the young boy. But it also resulted in a newfound sense of belonging and the discovery of local musical [...]

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Ya Raï

Outre-National Records Presents Three-Volume Compilation Of Rare Tracks By Algerian Legend Cheb Hasni

Raït here, raït now, we are sipping on some mint tea and rejoicing in the wavy, lo-fi, synth-tastic tape sounds of iconic Algerian singer Cheb Hasni. Born Hasni Chakroun in 1968, he is widely considered one of the greatest vocalists of the raï genre, although his burgeoning career was brought to a sudden end at the age of 26, when he was tragically murdered outside his parents' home in Oran.

Hasni's career was nonetheless prolific: After releasing his first [...]

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Albat Alawi Op.99

Yemenite-Israeli Artist Eyal El Wahab Unveils El Khat's Stimulating, Retro-Futuristic New DIY Album On Glitterbeat

One man's trash is another man's treasure. As cliché as that may sound, there's no denying that it's a pretty good fit for Tel Aviv-Yafo-based artist Eyal el Wahab's DIY approach to making music, as impressively brought to fruition on his recently released second album on Glitterbeat Records. El Khat is the name of his stimulating retro-futurist project, named after the plant-based drug commonly chewed in North East Africa and the Arabian Penisula.

After being [...]

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Russian Warship

Berlin’s The Anti-DicKtators Launch Defiant Musical Counterattack To Raise Money For Ukrainian Relief Fund

This aggression will not stand! It has been one day and a month sind Putin launched the unlawful and utterly senseless Russian attack on Ukraine. Yet despite Ukraine's valiant resistance, the war machine keeps churning. In all its wanton horror, however, war can also have a unifying effect and forge new alliances amidst its inherent drive to total destruction. Subsequently, a wave of disbelief and solidarity has swept across many parts of this world to reveal [...]

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Gözen Atila AKA Anadol Releases Positively Perplexing Synth-Led New Album On Pingipung Records

Judging a record by its cover is not always the worst thing. Neither is taking a closer look at it and trying to immerse yourself into the assumed conceptual environment of what you are about to listen to. Naturally, we approached this album with a certain bias. Having previously reviewed and raved about Anadol's 2019-released album "Uzun Havalar", we couldn't wait to see, what she had intricately pieced together this time around. 

The album cover is a [...]

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Berlin's Multi-cultural Afro-Soul Seven-Piece Jembaa Groove Releases Tight-Knit Debut Full-Length On Agogo

Cohesion is commonly defined as the act or fact of sticking together tightly forming a whole and it is a word that comes to mind, when listening to the brand-new album by Berlin-based multi-cultural afro-soul outfit Jembaa Groove. Founded by German bassist, composer and producer Yannick Nolting alongside Ghanaian singer, songwriter and percussionist Eric Owusu at the tail end of 2020, the project eventually evolved into a versatile seven-piece bridging [...]

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Matir Gaan

Bengali Migrant Md. After Hussain Teams Up With Italian Electronic Artist Andrea Rusconi To Reimagine Mystic Baul Traditions

Breathe in, breathe out, as the waves ebb and flow and our minds travel. It's stories like these that purvey deeper meaning in artistic production and resonate with us, both spiritually and sonically. Brighton's Hive Mind Records has released a truly divine new record, featuring a stirring collaboration between young Bengali migrant Mohammed After Hussain and Italian electronic artist Andrea Rusconi, aka PAQ. "Matir Gaan: Songs from the Earth" sees the two [...]

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Yellah, Let's Go

Sudanese Collective The Scorpios Releases Highly Anticipated Sophomore Full-Length On Afro7

It's been a long, long time and a lot has happened in the world since London-based Sudanese collective The Scorpios released their critically acclaimed debut album on Afro7. Five years is it? Luckily for us, we first heard of the band via Astrid Engberg's Palmspree Mix and thus had a somewhat shorter wait.

"Let's Go" is the title of album number two by The Scorpios and it does not disappoint. Having added Japanese keyboard legend Izumi Kobayashi to the already [...]

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Life Is A Heavy Burden

Strut/United Sounds Of Asia Releases Timeless Ghazals & Poetry By Afghanistan’s Nashenas

"Life is a Heavy Burden" is the title of the latest release on Strut Records, as the always stellar London-based imprint launches its new United Sounds of Asia series, a "project celebrating musical routes, journeys and histories across Asia [that is] helmed by the Paradise Bangkok founders Maft Sai (Zudrangma Records) and Chris Menist (Awkward Corners)." This is a special one, seeing as it is "the first compilation of legendary Afghan Ghazal singer Dr. [...]

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Far Out Recordings Releases Fabled 11+ Minute Version Of Joyce Moreno’s Iconic Song

Eleven minutes and twenty-five seconds of pure samba jazz spirit led by Brazilian icon Joyce Moreno, aka Joyce, or, as Antônio Carlos Jobim put it, "one of the greatest singers ever." With Record Store Day 2022 ahead, Far Out Recordings have just unveiled one of the finds of the year and although we no longer support the event itself and what in our eyes has become a sort of major label slugfest, this forthcoming release to us represents, what collecting and [...]

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Oasi (Deserto Remixed)

Bologna-Based Three-Piece Oké's Sophomore Album Receives Transatlantic Remix Treatment

Flashback to 2020, when Bologna-based three-piece Oké, alias veteran producer Andrea "Katzuma" Visani, William Simone (percussion, FX) and Andrea Calì (keys), released their lush 18-track double album "Deserto" on Original Cultures, blending influences from library music and cosmic jazz with afrohouse rhythms and outernational hues. Despite never getting around to actually reviewing the album, "Oasi (Deserto Remixed)" now presents us with a second chance. [...]

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