Mawimbi, Vol. 2

10/01/2024Paris-Based Purveyors Of 'Afro Sounds' Mawimbi Records Celebrate 10th Anniversary W/ Sophomore Label Comp

As we continue to ease into the new year – and following our latest feature on the "Maloca, Vol. 2" various artists compilation – there's another label compilation that we've been wanting to share with you: Celebrating 10 years of hyperactivity in the afro sounds circuit, the 2013-established Paris-based imprint and DJ/producer collective Mawimbi Records recently decided it was due time to release its second-ever label sampler, featuring a heavyweight, eight-track lineup of absolute bangers hailing from and inspired by the African continent, the follow-up to its inaugural and equally afro-centric "Mawimbi, Vol. 1" compendium. Staying true to its guiding principles of "supporting upcoming artists, encouraging the breaking down of musical frontiers and helping to make new encounters between electronic music and so-called 'afro' music happen," the Mawimbi crew's "Mawimbi, Vol. 2" sophomore selection makes for yet another exhilarating example of the unlimited potential of musical cross-pollination.

Kicking off on a superb rework of the James Stewart 'Black Atlantica' classic "Cotonou" by Lyon's tropical enthusiasts Voilaaa that shape shifts from a hip- and horn-heavy Cuban cha-cha-cha to a lush triple-time signature, we then get Amsterdam-based duo Umoja's driving collaboration "Avana Va" with Kenyan artist Sidney Simila. UK underground sensation Afriquoi take it from there, presenting a resplendent Modjo-esque French house refix of their 2020 hit "Ndeko Solo", before French producer, beatmaker and multi-instrumentalist Ozferti fuses the sounds and scales of East Africa with hard-hitting global club riddims on "Silent Runner". Riding "a distinct South African-inspired groove," Toulouse-based producer Mr. Boom serves up a short Balearic dancefloor change-up with "Djansa" featuring Chanana, providing fertile ground for the deep bass, jungle flute flourishes and mesmerising kora loop of Anglo-Ghanaian duo Raz & Afla. London's Village Cuts then share a thumping sing-a-long collaboration with Congolese guitarist and singer Kissangwa and, last but not least, fellow UK phenom Tom Excell (Onipa, Nubiyan Twist, David Walters) presents his very own broken beat aesthetics alongside rapper/poet Dizraeli on vocal duties.

We'll leave it at that and let you test the Mawimbi waters for yourself. You can stream "Mawimbi, Vol. 2" in full below or via the usual streaming suspects. While you're at it, make sure you also give the label's recently released "Mawimbi Classics" retrospective comp a spin and pick your poison.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom