Waiting For Zion

15/12/2023Berlin's A08 (fka Africaine 808) Unveil Sophomore Album Of Global Dancefloor Sophistication On Compost

It has been a decade since the multi-faceted Berlin-based duo Africaine 808 launched their brilliant, genre-bending electronic experiments with a wide array of influences to create an "amalgamation of rhythmic world music heritage with the zeitgeist and aesthetics of electronic dance music." Starting in 2013 with their debut singles "Tummy Tummy" on W.T. Records and "Cobijas" on Vulkan Dance, where they also released their "L'Exotica" EP, Dirk Leyers and DJ Nomad followed up on their initial success with their "Lagos, New York" / "Zombie Jamboree" two-sider in 2014, their "Rhythm Is All You Can Dance" EP in 2015 and, finally, their mighty debut album "Basar" in 2016 – all released on Golf Channel Recordings. From there, they toured the globe, performing as a live music project and working with some of the biggest names on the global circuit such as Tony Allen or Amadou & Mariam. 

Now, seven years on from their initial 12-track full-length, Africaine 808 have resurfaced with another 12-track stunner while boasting a new moniker: "Waiting for Zion" sees A08 answering the call for more outernational dancefloor heat as they cook up a fresh batch of audio goodness. This time around, the two Berliners dig deep into Caribbean, jazz, afro and reggae soundscapes, fusing their productions with merciless beats and staggering effects, offering the wonderfully layered musical blueprint to a novel bout of intriguing dancefloor sophistication and upbeat sensory stimulation for the open-minded. Collaborating with artists from Colombia, Ghana, Kenya, Trinidad and Germany such as Nickolai Salcedo, Maria del Rossario and Makadem, their current line-up is serious business. Hard-hitting yet introspective with abundant room to breathe, "Waiting for Zion" is a welcome distraction from urban ennui, the soundtrack to a life better lived where positivity remains of the essence as we wait for a new messiah. 

You can now stream the full album via the player below. Best believe the hype!

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom