Anatolian Soul Vol. 1

13/12/2023Denmark's Ipek Yolu ('Silk Road') Release Two Highly Original New Compositions On Sounds Of Subterrania

As we peered into our mailbox today, we were surprised to find a record in it. After all, the usual promo format remains a digital download link or in some cases a CD. This time, however, we obviously lucked out and removed a mint 7" single by the Aarhus-based four-piece Ipek Yolu from its packaging. Ipek Yolu (meaning 'Silk Road' in Turkish) had already come to our attention in 2021 following the release of their rolling debut full-length "Tropical Anatolia" on Hamburg's Sounds of Subterrania imprint. Just like their namesake, the band skilfully connects the sounds of East and West to create a mesmerising fusion, bringing together musical styles from far and wide to enrich their kaleidoscopic amalgam.

Besides playing out live, the band returned to the studio this year, to work on new original material. Their brand-new 7" release "Anatolian Soul Vol. 1" is the first of two singles – with Vol. 2 set to be released in February 2024 – and brings us two new tracks that reveal tight-knit chemistry and highly combustible musicality. On the A-side, we find a dazzling, near six-minute track by the name of "Asia Turca", which is a whirlwind trip bridging multiple sonic traditions to sensational effect. Hard to tell what exactly it is that we are listening to, but if it's genres you need, then desert blues, jazz fusion and soulful arabesque would seem to be part of the mix. On the B-side, we encounter "Oribori", a playful saz-led jig with quirky vocals, hand claps, a serious rhythmic undercarriage and an overall soundscape that has something uncannily 'country' about it. At just over two minutes, this innovative composition is definitely one to dance to. And if you can't wrap your head around it, just let your feet do the thinking.

You can sample both tracks via the Spotify player below. Stay tuned for Vol. 2 next year.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom