Maloca, Vol. 2

04/01/2024Brussels-Based Electronic Imprint Maloca Records Releases Sophomore Label Compilation To Round Off 2023

Oh, hey there! As we awake from our admittedly well-deserved holiday slumber, we decided to take another look back at 2023 and give Brussels-based electronic music imprint Maloca Records an honourable mention on our globally-minded platform. Established at the start of 2020 by versatile Belgian producer/film composer Le Motel "to capture the heady mix of global influences he distils into club-ready and contemporary forms" and "taking its name from the ancestral long houses found in the indigenous cultures of the Amazon," Maloca in our mind has become synonymous with thrilling and indubitably forward-thinking electronic productions that stand apart from the crowd and merit widespread recognition. 

Back in December, following some dozen releases, the label unveiled its second-ever various artists compilation, marked by a future-ready cast of protagonists from the Maloca family and able debutants presenting 17 club tracks built to last and paving the way for "the next wave of club music." Simply titled "Maloca, Vol. 2", the collection spans a wide array of electronic styles contributed by the likes of promising newcomers such as Farsight, Griffit Vigo, and DJ JM as well as trusted stalwarts such as Bambounou, Flore, Konduku, Tristan Arp, NVST, De Grandi, Neida, Cheb Runner, Malo2k, Leese, Ultima Esuna & Destrata, Mika Oki, M I M I and Space Drum Meditation. The unrelenting sound spectrum runs the gamut from insect-inspired beats and intricate nocturnal rhythms to face-melting bangers and more introspective breathers.

If you have any affiliation to the global club circuit then we're pretty sure you're going to want to savour this mixed bag of bass-heavy goodness. The equally brilliant artwork, by the way, "presents a renewed vision of the human figure [...], oscillating between abstraction and figuration" and comes from the hand of Brussels-based painter Anastasia Bay. Pull uuup!

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom