La Voz de las Cumbres

Bongo Joe Reissues Funeral Dirges And Popular Songs Recorded By The San Lucas Band Of Guatemala In 1974

Best file this under 'special interest' and yet, there is no doubt in our minds, that this latest release on the infamous Bongo Joe Records should appeal to a wide array of music aficionados. "La Voz de las Cumbres" ('the voice from the summits') by The San Lucas Band (of Guatemala) is the first-ever reissue of "cult 1974 recordings of a Mayan brass band playing funeral dirges and popular songs in its distinctive extended harmonic and rhythmic style." As hinted [...]

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Wagadu Grooves

Paris-Based Reissue Label Hot Mule Presents Phenomenal Compilation Of Productions By Soninke Producer Gaye Camara

This here release is, quite unpretentiously, the stuff of legend, actually several legends wrapped into one phenomenal release. Paris-based reissue label Hot Mule has just compiled a heavy collection of productions by Gaye Camara, "one of the great independent music producers of his generation, and a pillar of the Parisian Soninke diaspora." If you are not familiar with the Soninke, they were the founders of the ancient empire of Ghana dating back to the 3rd [...]

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Future Pasts

Zurich’s Konkolo Orchestra Releases Sizzling 'Afroheat' Debut On Rocafort Records

From Zurich, Switzerland, of all places comes a fresh batch of afroheat to help get us through the winter season – which is admittedly mild here in Berlin at the moment. We nonetheless acknowledge the intent of Barcelona/Lausanne-based Rocafort Records to keep us upbeat in these trying times. Enter the Konkolo Orchestra, a project initiated by multi-instrumentalist, producer and composer Alexis Malefakis [also co-founder and drummer of The Anthronauts and, if [...]

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Sacred Love

Sicillian DJ/Producer Galathea Unveils Breathtakingly Expansive, Afro-Centric Second Full-Length On Space Echo

Classic late night vibes, we thought to ourselves, when we first hit the link to the sophomore album of Sicillian DJ/producer Massimo Napoli, aka Galathea. Not sure if this shoe would fit, there was something about the viscous yet ethereal groove kneading our souls like putty that urged us to keep listening. And oh, how that paid off! "Sacred Love" – the follow-up to Galathea's self-titled, 2019-released debut full-length – is an irresistible groover that [...]

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The Three Hands of Doom

Seasoned Producers Shackleton (UK) & Scotch Rolex (JP) Add Ugandan Drummer Omutaba To Their Afrofuturist Mix

One for the heads, would probably best describe this foolhardy rhythmic venture on Ugandan imprint Nyege Nyege Tapes, a label we most definitely respect for its dedication to "outsider music" yet one we haven't featured on Greedy quite simply because its releases are so hard to stomach and in most cases require a penchant for borderline masochistic listening tendencies. Let us be clear, we are not hating, just stating the obvious. And with that, we present you [...]

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Mawimbi, Vol. 2

Paris-Based Purveyors Of 'Afro Sounds' Mawimbi Records Celebrate 10th Anniversary W/ Sophomore Label Comp

As we continue to ease into the new year – and following our latest feature on the "Maloca, Vol. 2" various artists compilation – there's another label compilation that we've been wanting to share with you: Celebrating 10 years of hyperactivity in the afro sounds circuit, the 2013-established Paris-based imprint and DJ/producer collective Mawimbi Records recently decided it was due time to release its second-ever label sampler, featuring a heavyweight, [...]

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Maloca, Vol. 2

Brussels-Based Electronic Imprint Maloca Records Releases Sophomore Label Compilation To Round Off 2023

Oh, hey there! As we awake from our admittedly well-deserved holiday slumber, we decided to take another look back at 2023 and give Brussels-based electronic music imprint Maloca Records an honourable mention on our globally-minded platform. Established at the start of 2020 by versatile Belgian producer/film composer Le Motel "to capture the heady mix of global influences he distils into club-ready and contemporary forms" and "taking its name from the ancestral [...]

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Ndox Electrique

Ifriqiyya Electrique’s François R. Cambuzat & Gianna Greco Present New Project From The Westernmost Point Of Africa

At this point, claiming they are positively obsessed might not be that far-fetched. The latest collaborative project by France's François R. Cambuzat and Italy's Gianna Greco is somewhat of the next logical step in their ongoing study of ancient, adorcist rituals. What began in the Saharan Djerid desert of Tunisia several years ago, when the two began documenting the religious Banga ritual of Sidi Marzûq and subsequently reworking their findings into [...]

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Nigerian Yoruba Percussionist Wura Samba Joins Forces W/ Berlin's Gebrüder Teichmann On High-Octane Two-Tracker

Back in 2012/2013, Berlin's multitalented electronic DJ/producer duo Gebrüder Teichmann – aka brothers Andi and Hannes Teichmann – travelled to the Nigerian city of Lagos to take part in the TEN CITIES project, bringing together musicians/producers from five cities in Europe (Berlin, Bristol, Kiev, Lisbon and Naples) and five cities in Africa (Cairo, Johannesburg, Lagos, Luanda and Nairobi) and resulting in a collaborative V.A. compilation on Soundway [...]

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Waiting For Zion

Berlin's A08 (fka Africaine 808) Unveil Sophomore Album Of Global Dancefloor Sophistication On Compost

It has been a decade since the multi-faceted Berlin-based duo Africaine 808 launched their brilliant, genre-bending electronic experiments with a wide array of influences to create an "amalgamation of rhythmic world music heritage with the zeitgeist and aesthetics of electronic dance music." Starting in 2013 with their debut singles "Tummy Tummy" on W.T. Records and "Cobijas" on Vulkan Dance, where they also released their "L'Exotica" EP, Dirk Leyers and DJ [...]

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Anatolian Soul Vol. 1

Denmark's Ipek Yolu ('Silk Road') Release Two Highly Original New Compositions On Sounds Of Subterrania

As we peered into our mailbox today, we were surprised to find a record in it. After all, the usual promo format remains a digital download link or in some cases a CD. This time, however, we obviously lucked out and removed a mint 7" single by the Aarhus-based four-piece Ipek Yolu from its packaging. Ipek Yolu (meaning 'Silk Road' in Turkish) had already come to our attention in 2021 following the release of their rolling debut full-length "Tropical Anatolia" [...]

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Something Different

L.A.-Based Sublabel Discotchari Presents Its First Release – A 7" Reissue Of Armenian Rare Grooves

Finally! This one has been a long time coming. Los Angeles-based imprint Discotchari has been an avid supporter of ours for quite some time now, probably since the COVID era, when we seemed all the more bound to our socials. Likewise, we've been following their pursuits of digging up and promoting rare grooves from the Armenian diaspora. A sublabel of electronic label Critique, Discotchari is on a self-proclaimed mission of "pushing the boundaries of Armenian [...]

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