01/03/2024Berlin Multi-Instrumentalist M.RUX Unveils Itinerant New Album Via YNFND – A Nod To The Process Of Sound Writing

Anticipation was high when we received the first notification for Berlin-based sound gymnast M.RUX's forthcoming longplayer, the follow-up to his 2020 concept album "Vermonische Melodien", which appeared on Pingipung. His latest eight-track feat just dropped on his very own YNFND imprint and is titled "REKORDER" – a nod to the miraculous process of recording sounds and the technology behind as well as the 150-year-long history of phonography or 'sound writing' in general. Those of you familiar with the innovative, psychoactive soundscapes of this investigative audiophile will have had equally high expectations and, spoiler alert, this album is true to promise. 

On "REKORDER", M.RUX once again dedicates his time to exploring "musical visions of the past, when new music technology projected great visions of the future and [...] new sounds had not yet solidified into clichés." Audibly rooted in a tripped-out, mind-altering club context, his syrupy downbeat productions are unmistakably contemporary, while his use of cut-up sonic bits and pieces and evocative samples adds a nostalgic feel to the mellifluous whole. As some tracks line dance west, revealing the occasional bluesy twang or banjo strum, others impart eastern influences such as Anatolian psych-rock or Persian psych-folk. The bigger picture and guiding principle, however, is one of a deep fascination with and love for sound, and thus devoid of provenance.

Contemplative, evocative, invigorating, "REKORDER" dishes out a wide range of positive emotions that should appeal to lounge lizards, clubgoers, globetrotters, space travellers and extraterrestrials alike.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom