Sacred Love

23/01/2024Sicillian DJ/Producer Galathea Unveils Breathtakingly Expansive, Afro-Centric Second Full-Length On Space Echo

Classic late night vibes, we thought to ourselves, when we first hit the link to the sophomore album of Sicillian DJ/producer Massimo Napoli, aka Galathea. Not sure if this shoe would fit, there was something about the viscous yet ethereal groove kneading our souls like putty that urged us to keep listening. And oh, how that paid off! "Sacred Love" – the follow-up to Galathea's self-titled, 2019-released debut full-length – is an irresistible groover that will spirit you away.

"[Touching] on the sacredness and mysticism of the African continent […]" Galathea’s latest hyper-melodic feat is another spiritual journey into afro-centric nu jazz soundscapes, made to mesh with Balearic vibes and expansive bluesy atmospheres reminding us of pioneering French house producer Ludovic Navarre, alias St Germain. Collaborating yet again with his producer friend and bass player Salvo Dub, Burkinabé singer Kadi Koulibaly (who also featured on Galathea's debut), vocalist Giulia La Rosa, pianist Mario Pappalardo, percussionist Sergio Spitaleri and drummer Luciano Cantone, Galathea's soaring new twelve-tracker is a breathtakingly haunting and borderline transcendental affair. Despite its electronic build, "Sacred Love" has a rare organic feel to it that prevails throughout. 

Inviting listeners on a dreamlike ocean cruise marked by a wide array of varying maritime hues, lively coastal breezes and swift jazz changeups, there is no doubt in our minds that you too will quickly succumb to the wondrous allure of "Sacred Love". You can watch the companion video to "Afrique" from Galathea's debut album featuring Kadi Koulibaly below. 

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom