De Borondo

27/05/2023Enigmatic Colombian Project La Jungla Knocks Out A Dancefloor-Happy New EP On El Palmas

With temperatures on the rise and the summer holiday season on our doorstep, Barcelona-based imprint El Palmas – an expansive passion project devoted to globally propagating tropical inclinations and flat-out dancefloor heat – decided to drop a 'mucho caliente' new four-tracker by the enigmatic Colombian crew La Jungla, prone to catapult your friendly neighbourhood BBQ setup to the next level. 

La Jungla first popped onto our radar with a split 7" release in 2020, featuring their sublime "La Cumbia Del Desierto" on side A (and a sunny, synth-happy track by El Dragón Criollo on the flipside), combining a catchy cumbia guitar riff with "a hypnotic cadence" and "the sound of a traditional 'millo' flute" with an off-kilter yet dangerously groovy vibe, invoking their ancestral roots to unleash them onto unsuspecting speaker systems, swaying hips and happy feet. And then, just like that, they disappeared, leaving listeners high and dry, yearning for another taste. Now, three years later, the group makes its long-awaited return with four new bangers from the barrio.

Enter "De Borondo", a hefty collection of tunes to set the bodega ablaze. Picking up right where they left off, La Jungla knock out a fresh set of oddball productions for loose limbs and elevated spirits. Straight out the gate "Cuando Llegue La Ley" drops the hammer and sets the relentless tone, pairing an ominous bassline with captivating rhythms and a confident lyrical delivery. "Somos Los Hijos Del Sol" then takes it down a notch, like readjusting the reclining element on your lounger to get a better look at the sun, before "Mi Burrita" hee-haws back into motion, tirelessly trudging along towards the grand finale of "Salto Palante", a badass tune for joyous dancehall summersaulting. Let's just say, the wait has definitely paid off.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom