Lost in Latin Music #02

DJ Hans Navigates Through The Wide World Of Latin Music In His Latest 90-Minute Show

German music journalist and Latin music aficionado DJ Hans (Latin-Mag) returns to our Greedio Mixcloud channel with episode number two of his "Lost in Latin Music" format. The latest, roughly 90-minute show makes for another great and informative listen, new musical discoveries waiting at every corner, as DJ Hans narrates his diverse, hip-shaking selection with utmost enthusiasm.

"Lost in Latin Music #2" features tunes by Colombian salsa combo Fruko y sus [...]

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Globalwize Radioshow #377

Stream A New And Far-Reaching Deep Listening Experience By Jean Trouillet For Radio X / Weltbeat

Weird times call for weird sounds and that is exactly how Jean Trouillet kicks off his 377th Globalwize radio show for Weltbeat / Radio X, with a "Refrakto" performance by Danish sample champs Den Sorte Skole. But troubled times equally call for more reconciliatory pieces the likes of prolific Algerian artist Sidi Bemol, who combines Berber and Celtic styles with alternative productions. Moving on to the spring spirit of Mino Cinelu (France) & Nils Petter [...]

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Greedy for September

Listen To Our Latest Monthly Selection Of Extraordinary Tracks From Around The Globe

September 2020 is officially in the books and with that we take a moment to look back at the tracks that wowed us during the past months. Selecting from old and new, our latest Spotify playlist features a wide array of extraordinary sounds and talent from around the globe. That being said, this one was kind of challenging, especially when it came to bringing these 20 tracks into a coherent order, but we think this'll work. 

Our latest audio narrative comprises [...]

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Globalwize Radioshow #376

Jean Trouillet Delivers Another Episode Of His Far-Reaching Deep Listening Experience For Radio X / Weltbeat

"Everything is getting from 'Bad to Worse'," sings Burning Spear and it may seem obvious why host Jean Trouillet picked this tune to kick off his 376th Globalwize radio show for Frankfurt's Radio X / Weltbeat. He himself attributes it to the people of Belarus and their ongoing fight for justice. Up next is Lebanese 'grand dame' Fairuz with her anthem to "Le Beirut", followed by a more upbeat contribution by Mashrou' Leila. A promising opening to another [...]

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Greedy for August

Listen To Our Latest Monthly Selection Of Extraordinary Tracks From Around The Globe

"Augustus Gloop, Augustus Gloop, the great big GREEDY nincompoop," sing the Oompa Loompas in Roald Dahl's 1964 children's novel "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and we will leave it at that. It does however sum up how we felt, trying to find more and more extraordinary tracks to fill our Spotify playlist for the month of August. The search was unrelenting, but we feel confident about the picks we made.

Our "Greedy for August" selection kicks off  with Don [...]

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Forward Ever Backward Never

Ian Bishop AKA Daddy Discipline Returns To Greedio With A "Riddim Culture" Jamaican Revival

Daddy Discipline's "Dread At The Controls" tribute show to the inimitable Mikey Dread caused quite a stir on our airwaves, when we uploaded it to our Mixcloud channel back in July. Now, he returns to Greedio with another "Riddim Culture" special from the Radio X archives, this time launching a full-out Jamaican revival, entitled "Forward Ever Backward Never". "Fying in the face of playlisted musical mediocrity, Daddy Discipline brings you the Jamaican revival [...]

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Globalwize Radioshow #375

Radio X / Weltbeat Host Jean Trouillet Invites Listeners To Join Him On Another Far-Reaching Deep Listening Experience

For the latest two-hour episode of his long-standing and far-reaching deep listening experience, host Jean Trouillet invites listeners to dive into an ocean of global sounds. His Globalwize show #375 embarks on a soothing selection of contemporary electronic and neo-classical music, passing through new material by Malian artist Oumou Sangaré and a 2007-released Malian crossover project by Dee Dee Bridgewater, then lounging out to the Bahama Soul Club and [...]

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Lost in Latin Music #01

DJ Hans Delivers A Comprehensive One-Hour Introduction To The Wide World Of 'Latin Music'

Ever marvel at the diversity of what is broadly described as 'Latin music'? We happily welcome German music journalist DJ Hans to our Greedio Mixcloud channel with the very first episode of "Lost in Latin Music". The show ties into his "Latin Music News" column for the Latin-Mag webzine on Latin American music, through which Hans regularly shares his many musical findings from the Latin world with readers in Germany. Luckily for us, "Lost in Latin Music #1" [...]

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Greedy for July

Listen To Our Latest Monthly Selection Of Extraordinary Tracks

Tracks upon tracks upon tracks...we have now officially entered the month of August and so it is yet again time for us to take a musical look back at July and pick our favourite tracks of the month for your listening pleasure. Our selection this time kicks off in South Africa with the haunting voice of Johannesburg-based artist Bongeziwe Mabandla, moving on to the 1972-released and recently reissued UK Latin jazz holy grail by percussionist Robin Jones, then on [...]

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Globalwize Radioshow #374

Radio X / Weltbeat Host Jean Trouillet Invites Listeners To Join Him On A New Episode Of His Far-Reaching Deep Listening Experience

Here we go again, on another deep and eclectic listening journey through time and space, transcending borders and genres with your host, Jean Trouillet for Radio X / Weltbeat. Globalwize Radioshow episode #374 is now up exclusively on our Greedio Mixcloud channel, featuring a wide-ranging, two-hour selection of tunes from around the globe. Tune in and tune out to music by One World One Voice, Amparo Sanchez, Mano Negra, Ssewa Ssewa, Bongeziwe Mandabla, Bab [...]

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Radio Shantel International

Frankfurt-based Producer Shantel Revisits His Recently Released Collaborative Album "Istanbul"

A few weeks back, Frankfurt's very own Stefan Hantel – better known as Shantel – dropped his long-overdue musical tribute to the city of Istanbul, a city that welcomed him with open arms in the early 2000s and that he himself has embraced as a home away from home. It was there that Shantel crossed paths with local wedding and party band Cümbüş Cemaat. Celebrated on Istanbul's underground circuit and with some 500 songs to their repertoire, curiously [...]

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Globalwize Radioshow #373

Jean Trouillet Delivers Yet Another Far-Reaching Deep Listening Experience For Radio X / Greedio

As movement has become somewhat of a rare commodity these days, and though it may sound cliché, music is means for us to travel in a protected yet boundless environment. Allowing us to recalibrate our senses and shift our perception to spheres less traveled, Globalwize radio show host Jean Trouillet present episode number 373 of his far-reaching deep listening experience for Frankfurt's community Radio X. Inviting his listeners to join his intergalactic [...]

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