Globalwize Radioshow #374

Radio X / Weltbeat Host Jean Trouillet Invites Listeners To Join Him On A New Episode Of His Far-Reaching Deep Listening Experience

Here we go again, on another deep and eclectic listening journey through time and space, transcending borders and genres with your host, Jean Trouillet for Radio X / Weltbeat. Globalwize Radioshow episode #374 is now up exclusively on our Greedio Mixcloud channel, featuring a wide-ranging, two-hour selection of tunes from around the globe. Tune in and tune out to music by One World One Voice, Amparo Sanchez, Mano Negra, Ssewa Ssewa, Bongeziwe Mandabla, Bab [...]

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Radio Shantel International

Frankfurt-based Producer Shantel Revisits His Recently Released Collaborative Album "Istanbul"

A few weeks back, Frankfurt's very own Stefan Hantel – better known as Shantel – dropped his long-overdue musical tribute to the city of Istanbul, a city that welcomed him with open arms in the early 2000s and that he himself has embraced as a home away from home. It was there that Shantel crossed paths with local wedding and party band Cümbüş Cemaat. Celebrated on Istanbul's underground circuit and with some 500 songs to their repertoire, curiously [...]

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Globalwize Radioshow #373

Jean Trouillet Delivers Yet Another Far-Reaching Deep Listening Experience For Radio X / Greedio

As movement has become somewhat of a rare commodity these days, and though it may sound cliché, music is means for us to travel in a protected yet boundless environment. Allowing us to recalibrate our senses and shift our perception to spheres less traveled, Globalwize radio show host Jean Trouillet present episode number 373 of his far-reaching deep listening experience for Frankfurt's community Radio X. Inviting his listeners to join his intergalactic [...]

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Dread At The Controls

Listen Back To A Special "Riddim Culture" Tribute Show On Pioneering Reggae Artist/Broadcaster Mikey Dread

If you're a fan of the offbeat, you will no doubt be aware of the immeasurable impact one Mikey Dread had on Jamaican soundsystem culture, dub and roots reggae music. The late singer, studio engineer and broadcaster Michael Campbell, better known as Mikey Dread, was one of the genre's pioneering innovators and most influential performers who paved the way for reggae music in the late '70s with the island's first exclusively reggae radio show on JBC. 

"After [...]

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Greedy for June

Listen To Our Monthly Selection Of Extraordinary Tracks

We're back for the second instalment of our new monthly playlist format on Spotify. We spent the month of June browsing all kinds of music and, again, we put together a selection of 20 tracks, mainly new releases, that have been on our radar. This time around we come riding into view on a wave of vintage and modern Cumbia. We lay down to relax on a bank of Desert Blues meets Ethio-jazz, watching the jazzy tides ebb and flow, then wade back into free waters, [...]

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Globalwize Radioshow #372

Jean Trouillet Delivers Another Far-Reaching Deep Listening Experience For Radio X / Greedio

We are back with another edition of Jean Trouillet's Globalwize Radioshow on Frankfurt's Radio X that you can now revisit exclusively in our recently inaugurated Greedio Mixcloud channel. Believe it or not this is Jean's 372nd show and again, it leads all to and through all sorts of musical discoveries from around the globe with Jean moderating in German and English, adding insight and anecdotes along the way. 

If you didn't know, Jean originally began spinning [...]

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Globalwize Radioshow #371

Jean Trouillet's Far-Reaching Deep Listening Experience Inaugurates Our New Mixcloud Channel

Back in 2015, when Greedy for Best Music was slowly taking shape, the idea was to create a sort of musical triptych, composed of record label, online magazine and streaming platform. For logistical reasons, seeing as this is a comparatively small operation, we eventually decided to put our streaming aspirations on hold to focus on the label and laying the necessary editorial groundwork. Fast forward to 2020 and we're back with Greedio, a platform for musical [...]

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Greedy for May

Listen To Our Monthly Selection Of Extraordinary Tracks

We recently decided to launch a new monthly playlist format on Spotify for our listeners to enjoy and stream as they like. Our first edition brings us 20 tracks that we thoroughly enjoyed, some vintage gems, but mostly recent releases. The result is an eclectic meeting of styles from around the globe, with artists from Brazil, Cyprus, Peru, Iran, Guadeloupe, Turkey, Japan, Ghana, Germany, Lybia, Venezuela, Israel, Ethiopia, France, Australia, Hungary, Senegal,  [...]

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