04/09/2019Internal N.Y. Rhythms' Debut EP On Optimo Music Is A Deeply Polyrhythmic Affair

Apparently there is a story to every song. Not just a story that reveals how the song came to be, but also a story that explains, how or when the song was first heard. For us it was about two months ago, on a bike, listening to the Worldwide FM playlist, when we first heard of Portuguese producer/DJ Bruno Deodato's Internal N.Y. Rhythms project. 

It turned out, that the mesmerising, shaker-ridden firecracker of a tune we had just listened to was "Poli-ritmo II" off the "Poli-ritmo EP" released on JD Twitch's Glasgow-based imprint Optimo Music back in April. The EP consists of three, "dubbed out rhythm & bass tracks" that are sure to wreak havoc on the dancefloor. 

"Poli-ritmo I" and "Poli-ritmo II" are deeply satisfying polyrhythmic pursuits in tropical attire. While the first leads the way with a killer bassline and iMessenger-style 'pling' effect, the latter is an even niftier matter: "The EP sashays from the shakers, snaky bass and psychedelic electronics of ‘Poli-Ritmo I’ to emphasise the clipped clave patterns in ‘Poli-Ritmo II’, and then follow a rugged tribal hunch into the crunchy drums and nagging drone of ‘Futurismo’," the Boomkat review reads. You can stream the full release via the Bandcamp player below.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom