31/08/2019The Gökhan Sürer Quartet Presents A Fresh Take On Oriental Jazz

It's all about that jazz! Our most recent find comes by ways of Lausanne, Switzerland-based label Rocafort Records, whom we last covered a few weeks back for Kokoro Disco-San's "Isla Fantasià", a two-track sun-drenched 45 that instantly struck a chord with us. Their latest release is a truly international affair, led by young Turkish pianist, composer and arranger Göhkan Sürer. 

The Gökhan Sürer Quartet consists of musicians from Mexico, Serbia, Catalonia and Turkey and is currently reshaping the oriental jazz genre. Their brand new "Chimera EP" sounds "like the soundtrack to a modern mythological journey across all sides of the Mediterranean and beyond. Anatolian magic is woven throughout the four titles, most of them filled with an elegant urgency and tension in the rhythmic composition with the intention of giving a modern jazz twist to Turkish and Armenian melodies along with elements of rock, funk and reggae." 

As the four tracks unfold behind Gökhan Sürer's inventive keyboard explorations in the vein of Chick Corea, attentive listeners will find themselves constantly questioning their whereabouts on this stimulating journey across time and continents. "It’s not a three-minute listen, but rather a sumptuous aural adventure complete with chirping crickets and Byzantian mystery," the EP notes read. You can listen to the full release below. 

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom