Mizik Soley Sa Bon

20/09/2019Atangana Records Launch 3-Year Residence On Guadeloupe To Work On Tribute To Henri Debs & Release Vol. 1

We were there to cover the imprint's first release in 2018, alias Fédia Laguerre's "Divizion", and we continue to be impressed by the body of work DJ/producer Déni-Shain and his friend/label parter Thomas Vicente have been putting out on Atangana Records since.

In June, they released the first volume of"a tribute to the great Guadeloupean producer Henri Debs" in collaboration with the latter's legendary label Henri Debs & Fils, one of the most prolific French Caribbean labels of all time. "Mizik Soley Sa Bon" is the result of "a meeting which led us to listing to over 1400 hours of music, exploring the discography of a visionary inside his very own mythical studios," Déni-Shain recounts. The collaboration aims to "restore and re-edit" some of Debs' rare releases. In order to realise this ambitious 3-year project's full potential, Atangana records will actually resettle in Pointe-à-Pitre starting in September.

Volume one includes four sun-kissed tracks by the likes of Ti Seles, Les Maxel's, Lewis Meliano and Daniel Dimba. You can listen to the full release via the player above or stream/buy "Mizik Soley Sa Bon" on Bandcamp. 

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom