Catastrophic Live

18/09/2019The Jewish Monkeys Take Their Forthcoming Album On The Road

If you thought life couldn't possibly get much worse, then brace yourself, for "Catastrophic Life" is upon us! After "Mania Regressia" and "High Words", Tel Aviv’s grandfathers of punk are back to present their third album, to be released via yours truly on November 8th. Wait a minute. Grandfather's of punk?! We beg to disagree. In fact, several talented young bloods joined the ranks of the Jewish Monkeys over the past years, flashing polyphonic brass and shredding guitar riffs to keep the older band members on their heels. 

The ten new, self-written tracks see the band venturing into unfamiliar territory, moving beyond their trademark blend of popular shtetl tunes and ska rhythms to add afrobeat, reggae and funk licks, Caribbean flair, wild guitars and a pinch of Balkan sauce to their effervescent mix. And of course, the Jewish Monkeys wouldn't be the Jewish Monkeys if they didn't top that off with their biting, satirical verses as well as a healthy dose of social criticism and self-effacing humour. But let's not give "All the Great Things" away. 

The band recently announced its return to Germany, along with a short (p)layover in the Czech Republic, Israel and France to present "Catastrophic Life" live on stage. Their upcoming tour will take them to Fürstenwalde, Teplice (CZ), Dresden, Wiesbaden, Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Worms, Munich and on to Tel Aviv and Paris starting November 8th, the same day the album releases. We will keep you posted as the date approaches. Until then, feel free to check out the short album teaser below. And yes, we postponed the release date from October 25th to November 8th. Why? Because we can.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom