Greedio X April '23

17/05/2023Listen To Our Latest Monthly Selection Of Extraordinary Tracks From Planet Earth And Beyond

We feel like you've waited long enough. It's mid-April after all and thus due time for another monthly Spotify selection, presenting our favourite new releases and musical discoveries of the past month for you to stream as you please. Our "Greedio X April '23" playlist encompasses a wide array of styles, which we attempted bring together in a way that would make for an enjoyable 80-something minutes.

Opening on a beautiful 1986-released classical piece by Japanese composer Toshifumi Hinata, we then line up a new track by exploratory contemporary Japanese music ensemble maya ongaku, add a beautiful take from Turkish synth-pop artist Anadol's 2012-released and soon-to-be rereleased second album via Pingipung, before we tip our hats to the late master Ryuichi Sakamoto with "Riot in Lagos", originally released in 1980.

Next up is Brazilian jazz fusion trio Caixa Cubo collaborating with German avantgarde trumpeter Matthias Schriefl, followed by none other than UK producer African Head Charge who will soon be making his return on Adrian Sherwood's On-U-Sound imprint, a remarkable collaboration between Polish jazz innovators EABS and Pakistan's Jaubi "In Search of a Better Tomorrow", and a remastered version of the gorgeously swaying ethio jazz tune "Sad Nile" by Berlin's The Polyversal Souls and Ethiopian keyboard legend and accordion luminary Hailu Mergia himself.

From there, we head over to pioneering Algerian outfit Les Abranis "blending traditional Berber music with western rock, folk, disco and funk all the while proudly celebrating their Kabyle heritage," move on to a "Silky" new tune by Music With Soul mastermind Alex Figueira, revel in a psychedelic dose of West Indian funk from the late '70s titled "Mystery Music", and keep the groove-ridden weirdness alive with Norway's Flammer Dance Band.

Funking right long, we then hear an originally 1978-released zouk funk banger by Guadeloupe's Henry Wenceslas Thénard, succeeded by Berlin-based tropical bass pioneer Daniel Haaksman's "Danza del Fuego". After that we up the tempo with a raucous tune from the heart of rural Sudan by Jantra, taken from the forthcoming album "Synthesized Sudan - Astro-Nubian Electronic Jaglara Sounds from the Fashaga Underground" on Ostinato Records. This goes surprisingly well with another sonic stunner, "a genre-defying Afrofuturist manifesto from Uganda" by Faizal Mostrixx.

Swiss/Lebanese experimental duo Praed then cast "The Spell" with another heavyweight and highly complex track taken from their latest EP on Akuphone combining Arabic popular music, free jazz and electronics to groundbreaking effect. If you're still with us, we then wind down just a bit with "a new take of a Balinese traditional song from the 1920's" by Amsterdam six-piece Nusantara Beat, remain in Indonesia with "a psychedelic organ version" of Benny Corda's classic pop track "Bubuj Bulan" by Rully Djohan, and then bring things to a transportive close behind French four-piece Crimi and their exploration of diasporic experiences, Mediterranean cultures and personal ghosts.

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AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom