Globalwize Radioshow #416

27/01/2023Listen To A Brand-New Episode Of Weltbeat Host/Selector Jean Trouillet's Global Format

Welcome to another edition of Weltbeat host and selector Jean Trouillet's far-reaching global format, aired on Frankfurt community Radio X and now streaming exclusively in our Greedio channel on Mixcloud. For his first show of the new year and 416th show in total, Trouillet delivers another genre-defying listening journey through time and space. But before you hit play, here's a quick rundown of what's included in the two-hour broadcast.

"Globalwize Radioshow #416" brings us two tracks by guitar and percussion two-piece Francesco Loccisano and Andrea Piccioni off their current Taranta-inspired album "Upgrade" and then Albanian cellist Redi Hasa's rendition of "Smelling Like A Teen Spirit" from his album "My Nirvana". After that, we get a taste of Fabrizio Piepoli's Mediterranean songbook, between tradition and modernity titled "Maresia" and then venture into Andalusian territory alongside Françoise Atlan & l'Orchestre Arabo-Andalou de Fès from their album "Andalussyat". Next, we hear two tracks from "Lady Sings the Balkan Blues" by Mostar Sevdah Reunion, before going "Nostalgique Bollywood" behind the eponymous compilation on Buda Musique. 

From there, we move on to Landafurlà's "Cantar Furlana" project, "the result of a long research work focused on the dances, the poetical texts and the traditional tales of the Tuscan-Emilian Appennines." Remaining in classical territory, we then hear Lea Desandre & Iestyn Davies performing a Händel aria, accompanied by the Ensemble Jupiter and lutist Thomas Dunford on their current release "Eternal Heaven", before turning to Alva Noto's remodelling of Ryuichi Sakamoto's "The Sheltering Sky". Brazilian singer-songwriter Lucas Santtana just released his ninth album on No Format, from which we then hear two tracks. Next up, is German-born multi-instrumentalist Christian Ronig, who specialises in Greek music and recently presented his new longplayer "Heavy Seas at the Cape of Good Hope", followed by Belgian music collective Toasaves and its penchant for archaic Flemish folk songs.

Virtuosic German acoustic three-piece Wildes Holz is next in line, presenting their new album "Grobe Schnitzer" alongside new band member Johannes Behr on guitar, before we head to the Peruvian Amazon on a new compilation via Analog Africa and then delve into the laidback reggae vibes of Tiken Jah Fakoly on his eleventh album "Braquage de Pouvoir". After that, we hear the unique collaborative project King'n'Doom by African and Czech musicians featuring Senegalese legend Cheikh Lô, before winding down to Sámi musician Torgeir Vassvik's versatile new album "A Place Behind The Gardens Of The Houses" and closing on a magical album inspired by a trip to Brazil's coastal rainforest region Mata Atlântica.

Click below to enjoy the full show and here for the playlist. Feel free to spread the word if you feel so inclined.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom