Greedio X November '22

06/12/2022Listen To Our Latest Monthly Selection Of Extraordinary Tracks From Planet Earth And Beyond

Yes friends, it has been a month since our last Greedio selection and with that we have reached December. Only a few more weeks to go until 2022 is in the books, but before we get ahead of ourselves, why not take one last look back at the month of November to see what new musical discoveries we made. 

Our "Greedio X November '22" selection kicks off with a telepathic collaboration between London-based producer and sound artist Y Bülbül and Istanbul-based percussionist Yumurta on Pingipung Records (read more here), goes "Intercosmic" with New York's Slavo Rican Assembly, then lights up the sky on "Cometa" by Argentine producer, DJ, remixer and composer Pedro Canale, better known as Chancha Via Circuito (read more here) before it hits the ground running on "Cha-Cha" by French band La Femme and shakes a leg on "Pulehebilla" by Amsterdam-based psychedelic cumbia/tropical noise collective Lola's Dice

Next up is Istanbul's "Anadolu Ejderi" ('Anatolian Dragon') Gaye Su Akyol, with a track off her new album on Glitterbeat Records, followed by a vintage Vietnamese tune performed by Thanh Lan from Jan Hagenkötter's "Saigon Supersound Vol. 3" compilation, before heading to Africa behind Balka Sound from Congo's Brazzaville and Ghanaian outfit Hedzoleh Sounds and then back to Istanbul with another reissue, this one presenting the DIY 80s solo album "Acaip" of bassist Bahtiyar Taş (Beyaz Kelebekler). 

From there, we move to Israel for some beautifully flowing free jazz by Eyal Talmudi on all kinds of wind instruments and Rejoicer on piano and synths, aka The Audience, then on to Ghent for Belgian dub-jazz outfit Kosmo Sound's "Fruit of the Void", then further on to present a farout Gaudi and Don Letts remix of Venezuelan group Un, Dos, Tres y Fuera from the Mushroom Pillow's RELATIN project, a world beat production based on a sample from an Iranian children's song by Hamburg producer Romanski on YNFND and, finally, a Loris remix of Lima-based digital cumbia pioneer Tribilin Sound

As we approach the final lap of our selection, we visit Cape Verde alongside Toulouse-born and London-based producer Don Pascal and his "Cape Verdean Bruk", follow that up with London-based songstress of Cape Verdean decent Carmen Souza and a track off her new album "Interconnectedness" (which comes with a cool music video), then present the brand-new single "Nsera" by Mali's Fatoumata Diawara collaborating with Damon Albarn, as we begin to wind down with Brazilian singer Lucas Santtana's "Vamos Ficar na Terra" and, in closing, wave goodbye with Spanish singer-songwriter Gecko Turner's "De balde", born from a posthumously discovered lyric by the great Spanish writer Carlos Lencero.

We now invite you to preview the full playlist below or stream it directly through our Greedio channel on Spotify. Obrigado!

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom