Best Of Globalwize 2008

24/10/2022Stream Weltbeat Host/Selector Jean Trouillet's Favourite Global Releases Of 2008 On Spotify

Here we go on another trip back in time, alongside Weltbeat host and selector Jean Trouillet and his longstanding Globalwize radio show, broadcasting on Frankfurt's community Radio X ever since 1987. For quite some time now, Jean has been compiling his annual best-of picks from each year into comprehensive Spotify playlists via Greedio, an archive of sorts to be revisited at any time, promising an abundance of significant releases and musical discoveries. Today, we revisit his favourite releases of 2008, comprising a total of 28 songs. Let us give you a quick rundown: 

For starters, we have contemporary French jazz musician and composer Raphaël Imbert, who coincidentally just featured on Jean's recently aired "Globalwize Radioshow #411". This one finds him performing alongside André Rossi, Jean-Luc Di Fraya, Michel Péres and the Quatuor Manfred. After that, we have German gamba player Hille Perl, fellow German soprano Dorothee Mields and American lutenist Lee Santana interpreting a composition by English Renaissance composer John Dowland, followed by German duo Los Otros on an "encounter of Spanish Baroque music with the manifold sounds of the Caribbean" and then Ladino singer Yasmin Levy "digging deep into the centries-old Judeo-Spanish musical traditions." Contemporary Kurdish-Turkish singer and musician Aynur Doğan takes it from there, after which we hear an example of Caucasian/Georgian folk performed by the Kaf Dağı Müzik Topluluğu and multi-instrumentalist/researcher İberya Özkan and then a piece of traditional Turkish music as performed by the DEM Trio.

Next, we hear "Musicas Populares de la Guerra Civil" by Spanish guitarist Antonio Bravo and fellow Spanish hurdy-gurdy player Germán Díaz, "The Halucinogenic Espontex Sinfonia" by French-Catalan musician Pascal Comelade and another quirky composition by French singer, guitarist and composer Dominique Cravic et Les Primitifs Du Futur. This brings us to prolific Japanese composer Jun Miyake collaborating with US musician and songwriter Lisa Papineau on "The Here and After", building a bridge to French trip hop and dub-inspired cello two-piece Bumcello and then multi-national Brussels-based pop band Lonely Drifter Karen, before hitting the electronic switch and heading to Japan for "Shinkaichi" in Saru's 'Meditation Dub' off the "Ryukyu Remixed" compilation.

Debashish Bhattacharya, pioneer of the Indian slide guitar, released his "Calcutta Chronicles: Indian Slide-Guitar Odyssey" in 2008, as we hear the album opener "Sufi Bhakti", which goes well with British electronic singer Bishi's "Nightbus". As we transition to the African continent, we hear the wonderful voice of Malian singer and guitarist Rokia Traoré on "Dounia" and then Addis Abeba-based Ethiojazz outfit Badume's Band with "Wègéné". Next is the Warsaw Village Band with a dubby composition, leading over to the Mighty Dub Katz's iconic "Magic Carpet Ride" in an acid-y Son of Wilmot version and then Amral's Trinidad Cavaliers Steel Orchestra with a cover of "90% of Me is You" off Strut Records' 2008-released "Calypsoul 70" compilation.

We remain in Calypso territory, as we hear Bomber's rendition of "Ugly Woman" at Dirty Jim's and then up the funk level on "Leki Santchi" by Napo de mi Amor et Ses Black Devils, to be found on Analog Africa's "African Scream Contest: Raw & Psychedelic Afro Sounds from Benin & Togo 70s" comp, a nice foundation for the next tune by Sir Shina Peters and his International Stars from Strut's "Nigeria 70 - Lagos Jump" collection. As we near the end of the list, Jean adds Nigeria's Seun Kuti with "Don't Give That Shit To Me" and Guinean dance music orchestra Balla et ses Balladins with the soulful "Sakhodougou" and then ends the affair on a bang with US outfit Vampire Weekend and, last but not least, legendary Berlin hiphop, reggae and dancehall outfit Seeed's frontman Peter Fox going solo on "Alles neu" (watch the official companion video). 

Click the player below for the full selection or head directly to our Greedio Spotify channel for more extraordinary musical content.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom