Greedio X August '22

07/09/2022Listen To Our Latest Monthly Selection Of Extraordinary Tracks From Around The World

As the world keeps on turning, we hit the brakes in August as well as the Turkish coast to catch some last rays of sun, while taking frequent dips in the Aegean. That being said, we kept our ears to the ground and the airwaves and now return with our favourite new releases and discoveries of the past month for you to stream at your convenience via Greedio on Spotify. So here goes: 

Our "Greedio X August '22" selection kicks off with a cosmic dancefloor burner from Cabo Verde by Dionisio Maio, taken from the 2016-released "Space Echo" compilation on Analog Africa and follows that up with a 1970s stunner by Nigeria's Lijadu Sisters, off the recently released "Afro Psych" compilation on Africa Seven. After that, we embark on a rhythmic excursion to Guadeloupe alongside Robert Oumaou, aka Gwakasonné, to be found on his eponymous 1984 album and then head underwater with Tel Aviv's Liquid Saloon (read more here). We remain in oceanic territory with "Plankton", a track by Bogotá's pschedelic space ranger cumbia outfit Los Cotopla Boyz, which paves the way for fellow Colombian avant-garde sonideros Romperayo. Next, we have the joyous African rhythms of São Tomé & Principe, taken from the recently released compilation on Bongo Joe Records spanning the career of Pedro Lima, which we round of with the rare "Soca Hustle" by H.M. 'These Eyes' Timothy, reissued in 2018 on Toronto's Invisible City Editions.

We move on to a delectable slice of organ trio jazz by Lutz 'Hammond' Krajenski on Agogo Records and then a melange of surf rock, funk and '70s Bollywood vibes by Dada Black Sheep on Akuphone. Next, we turn to Kenya on a 2006-released collaborative gem featuring Otieno Jagwasi and Onyango Wuod Omari from Orchestra Extra Solar Africa and Ian Eagleson and Alex Minoff of the Washington D.C.-based group Golden, before 1960s US psych and folk-rock outfit Country Joe and the Fish share their sounds of "Love". Brazilian composer, arranger and musician Rosinha de Valença takes it from there, sharing her 1971-released guitar-led version of "Summertime". 

Heading over to Turkey and Greece, we present you with a couple of holiday discoveries, being the tsifteteli track "Telli Telli" performed by acclaimed Turkish outfit Yeni Türkü, followed by legendary Greek vocalist Stelios Kazantzidis performing "Bekledim de Gelmedin" in Turkish and then late Turkish singer Mediha Demirkıran with the meyhane classic "Darıldın mı Gülüm Bana". Shifting to the present day, we play a new track off the debut album by Danish-Turkish psych-rock five-piece Tuhaf and then revisit Balkan Beat Box's heavy-hitting 2005-release "Adir Adirim" featuring Vitoria Hanna on vocal duties. In closing, we turn to Tel Aviv-based ney virtuoso Itzhak Ventura, teaming up with Amir Bresler and Guy Mintus on his latest album "Aligned" and, last but not least, a gorgeous new single by Palestinian-American violinist Akram Abdulfattah.

You can stream the full selection via the player below or head directly to our Greedio channel. Also, check out the companion music video to Tuhaf's "Hafla". 

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom