Greedio X Jan/Feb '23

14/03/2023Listen To Our Latest Spotify Selection Of 40 Extraordinary Tracks From Around The World

Wow, is it March already? Madness! Sorry to keep you waiting for our latest monthly selection of extraordinary music from around the globe, but we are finally back with a brand-new Spotify playlist for you to enjoy. To make up for the wait, we doubled the contents to feature our favourite new releases and musical discoveries of the past two months, which adds up to a whopping 40 tracks. So without further ado, here are the artists that made the cut:

Our "Greedio X Jan/Feb '23" selection includes music by Chilean jazz pianist Matías Pizarro, Brazilian singer-songwriter Lucas Santtana, Paris-based Venezuelan trio Insólito UniVerso, Tokyo's tropical-infused five-piece of Tropique!, Peruvian guitar prodigy Leonardo Vela Rodriguez' Sonido Verde de Moyobamba, French Alps-based collective Les Pythons de la Fournaise, Bissau-Guinean multi-instrumentalist and balafón virtuoso Kimi Djabaté, Mogadishu's Iftin Band, Japanese reggae songstress Asuka Ando, Istanbul psych-folk trio Oldu O Zaman and Amsterdam-based modern Turkish psych-sextet Altın Gün, borderless Genevan gnawa-kraut outfit Yalla Miku, young Nigerien guitarist Moussa Tchingou, pioneering Saharan 'desert blues' by Ahl Nana, Belgium's multi-cultural Jiraan Ensemble, Jerusalem-based improvisational trio Leviot, enigmatic post-colonial duo Ak'chamel, the experimental Geneva-based drone-folk formation La Tène, Bolivian-born and Belgium-raised producer Susobrino, Berlin-based Portuguese multi-instrumentalist, producer and DJ Pedro Ricardo, futuristic Brussels-based four-piece ECHT!, 1970s Brazilian avant-garde jazz trio Grupo Um, Berlin-based jazzy kraut and postrock project YELKA, fellow Berlin-based electronica and experimental artist Dale, Genevan all-female micro-choir Alice, Brookly-based jazz fusion duo Fievel Is Glauque, Japanese pop outfit Lamp, Brazilian maestro Waltel Branco, São Paulo-born singer-songwriter Sessa, Brazilian legend João Donato, L.A.-based Brazilian artist Gabriel da Rosa, Kyoto-based musician and producer Jules Brennan, the multi-talented Marseille-based artist David Walters, seminal Ghanaian 'Burger Highlife' artist Atta Frimpong, mid-70s Ghanaian band Uppers International, iconic French jazz-funk outfit Cortex, South African singer-songwriter Vusi Mahlasela, Berlin's multi-cultural afro-soul seven-piece Jembaa Groove alongside Ghanaian singer K.O.G, Amsterdam-based jack-of-all-trades Alex Figueira and, last but not least, Keralan arts practitioner and self-taught musician Seljuk Rustum.

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AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom