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Music From The Blue Desert

17/10/2016Yossi Fine And Ben Aylon Present Their Virtuose Take On Wallahi Music

Over the course of his amazing career, Grammy-nominated Israeli bass player and master producer Yossi Fine has worked with numerous greats the likes of David Bowie, Lou Reed, the Gil Evans Orchestra, Vieux Farka Toure and many more, while producing over 40 albums, some of which went on to receive multiple gold and platinum certifications.

His latest project sees him join forces with acclaimed Israeli percussionist Ben Aylon, aka One Man Tribe, who has played and recorded with top tier African artists himself, including Doudou N’diaye Rose, Awadi, Bombino and Omar Pene.

Alongside bassist and keyboarder Lior Romano (aka "the groove master behind Ester Rada and The Hoodna Orchestra"), the group just released their brand new EP "Music from the Blue Desert", a collection of traditional songs and hits from the Swallahi, a nomadic tribe living in the Blue Desert and known to migrate from the Sahara and Arabian Desert all the way to India via Ethiopia.

On "Music from the Blue Desert" Fine (equipped with a special guitar) and Aylon (playing a hybrid drumset he built from Senegalese and modern drums) present music that derives from "Afro-Arab parties and weddings, Dabkes and traditional ceremonies, [e.g.] desert blues and universal grooves".

Watch the video below, a live version to their track "Miss God" featuring dancer Ella G, "repetitive hypnotic melodies, burning rhythms and endless virtuosity":

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom