Peruvian Folklore

01/07/201611 Latin American Producers Have A Go At Field Material By Vincent Moon

Following our tour of the Ecuadorian Highlands by ways of Nicola Cruz's brilliant mix a few weeks back, we now return to the South American continent for a sonic journey through Peruvian folklore. The latest compilation by Latin American music and culture magazine Sounds and Colours, delivers a forward-thinking selection of tracks entitled "Sonidos Raíces del Perú".

"Our aim was to show the beauty of traditional Peruvian music and customs, but in a completely different context, by asking some of our favourite Latin American producers to reconfigure the sounds, retaining their soul but offering new environments in which they can be enjoyed."

During a 2013 trip to Peru, wayfaring French film-maker Vicent Moon amassed a total of 33 albums worth of fertile field recordings, made available here on a 'Name Your Price'-basis.

"Sonidos Raíces del Perú", which translates to the "Root Sounds of Peru", features 11 stunning tracks by a handful of Latin American producers, offering up "progressive, electronic interpretations of folk artists, ancient instrumentation, rituals, religious chants and everyday sounds".

Listen to Señor Griff's "Huancadelica" in the player above and buy the album over here. You can find the source material for all tracks available for free over here. Enjoy!

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom