Meat Heat Beautiful Feet

29/05/2016New Jewish Monkeys Video: When Suburbian Ennui Goes Freudian

This one has been a long time coming. Nestling up to the other nine tracks on their debut album "Mania Regressia", somewhat like that pink elephant no one was willing to talk about, but whose presence was felt by everyone, "Meat Heat Beautiful Feet" tells the story of suburbian ennui gone Freudian.

It all started with a sentiment, a slight feeling of discomfort songwriter Dr. Boiko used to tell his guests about during regular weekend barbecues in his pool-flanked residence amidst dense and wild vegetation, located somewhere between greed and guilt.

As this innate frustration grew, the song itself evolved: a song lamenting the overwhelming boredom and dullness of that oversaturated and oversexed suburbian lifestyle, alias the ennui of having it all.

And so the Jewish Monkeys turned to the multitalented Billy Levy, frontwoman of the rock band Billy and the Firm and visionary director (i.e. Balkan Beat Box), to produce this brand new, scintillating music video and release the guys' subconscious musings out into the open.

What may be perceived as disturbing then, is no more than that ruthless Jewish Monkeys candour, an outlet for their innermost emotions and forbidden feelings. Watch the provocative clip below and listen to an early live version of the song in the player above.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom