22/04/2016The Beauty Of A Debut Release

They say beauty is the sum of all parts. This rings true in all walks of life and with music in particular. Signed to Bugge Wesseltofts iconic Jazzland Recordings, Norwegian trio Moksha is poised to release its debut album and explore "The Beauty of an Arbitrary Moment". Composed of guitarist Oddrun Lilja Jonsdottir, percussionist and vocalist Sanskriti Shrestha and percussionist Tore Flatjord, Moksha embarks on a mesmerising, positively spiritual journey of contemplative moments, atmospheric improvisation, complex rhythms and layered sounds. Their distinct yet spacious sonic architecture fuses elements of jazz and Indian raga with multi-emotional, almost folkloric harmonies and patterns, flowing effortlessly through space and time, epitomised in six highly engaging tracks on a quest for beauty in expression. See a live performance of their album track "Dui Murti" below or catch them on tour.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom