26/03/2016A Virtual Time Machine For Music Passionates

Currently in beta, but already showing clear signs of brilliance is, a self-proclaimed time machine that let's you discover artists and their music across diverse genres, regions and eras. Rest assured, there are some obscure tunes here just waiting to be heard.

Lovingly designed, the landing page offers users an illustrated world map and a 20th century timeline, divided into individual decades. Users can upload their finds according to decade and geographical provenance. Areas marked yellow have tracks ready to be streamed on demand. White areas currently remain virgin territory until users find material to fill in the proverbial blanks.

At the top left corner of the page is an additional control panel, offering a choice of moods, i.e. slow, fast or weird and the taxi mode, where users can create their personal playlists. Initially founded in 2013, this baby is right up our alley. Happy explorations!

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom