16/05/2016The Jewish Monkeys return to Germany for a series of Shows

Jewmany, um, Germany, let's get loud! The Jewish Monkeys are set to return for a string of six shows. They will bring the heat to Jena, Krefeld, Cologne, Frankfurt, Kassel and Nürnberg. Check the tour section for event details and bring your dancing shoes!

Deutschland, we're coming for you!

TUE 17.5. 2016 Jena, Café Wagner Jena e.V.
WED 18.5.2016 Krefeld, Kulturrampe Krefeld
THU 19.5.2016 Cologne, Underground Cologne
FRI 20.5.2016 Frankfurt, Das musikalische Wohnzimmer
SAT 21.5.2016 Kassel, Staatstheater Kassel
SUN 22.5.2016 Nürnberg, Israelitische Kultusgemeinde

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AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom