26/08/2016Tel Aviv's Malox unveil explosive new clip featuring Echo & Tito

There's nothing like a Ms. Bombastic to pull you back out of that holiday hole you dug for yourselves. If you were wondering how we came up with this metaphor, Tel Aviv's terrible two, alias Malox, just teamed up with the equally impressive Echo & Tito, to release their joint cover and souk-tinged counterpart to Shaggy's notorious smasher "Mr. Boombastic". The track is off their latest album "Gaza Trip" released earlier this year and a real blast.

Before you move on to the video below, we should warn you that in this case, Ms. Bombastic is a curvy, gold chain wearing British Bulldog, taking Tel Aviv in stride. But see for yourselves.

On another note, Malox will be travelling to the People's Republic of China this November. As always you can find the dates in our live section.

Have a nice weekend everybody!

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom