Mixing Hamburg

07/10/2016Kutiman Takes His #mixthecity Series To The North

Hot on the heels of his latest solo album "6am" Tel Aviv musical mastermind Kutiman uploads yet another sonic installment, taking his British Council supported #mixthecity series to the German port city of Hamburg.

His latest composition features an upbeat groove collage of the city's finest sights and sounds, with local artists the likes of bass player Hervé Jeanne, Elbtonal Percussion, cellist Saerom Park of Ensemble Resonanz, violinist Angelika Bachmann of Salut Salon, drummer Oded Kafri, techno marching band Meute, Taco van Hettinga, the DamenLikörChor choir, multi-instrumentalist Anne De Wolff and many more.

Watch below and also be sure to check out Kutiman mix his hometown Tel Aviv as well as the effervescent Istanbul. What's more, once you are done watching the video, you can visit the Mix The City website and try remixing the sights and sounds as you please. Hamburg, the stage is yours:

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom