Arad Sdom

01/12/2017Tel Aviv's Alek Lee Readies Beautiful Two-Track Sophomore EP

Tel Aviv is on the rise, especially when it comes to its formidable electronic music scene with acts the likes of Red Axes (Garzen Records) or re-issue labels such as Fortuna Records paving the way. Earlier this year, the previously unheralded Tel Aviv-based producer Alek Lee (aka Ori Kenneth), who coincidentally also directed Malox's "Walk Like an Egyptian" video, rightfully gathered sudden worldwide recognition for his highly infectious "Sfarot" EP.

Set to release his follow-up EP "Gever Amiti" (Real Man) on December 22nd, Alek Lee just premiered the music video to his new track "Arad Sdom", which beckons with a driving groove and reverberating psychedelic cues, i.e. the guitar licks of Gilbert Broid (The White Screens): “Arad Sdom is a name of a road in the south of Israel, on the way to the Dead Sea. This road is known for its very intense mountainy-circly road and turns, which lead to many accidents. I named the tune after this road before I even started working on it, with it in my mind as a reference and inspiration.”

Watch the video below and if you haven't yet, check out Alek Lee's "Sfarot" EP in the SoundCloud player above. Have a nice weekend everyone!

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom