Time Bomb

21/11/2017Stream The Full Documentary On Enigmatic Ghanaian Artist Ata Kak

In case you didn't know, this amazing find was the first cassette tape that got Brian Shimkovitz's infamous Awesome Tapes From Africa imprint rolling as well as the blog's inaugural post back in 2011. Originally released in Ghana in 1994, Ata Kak's "Obaa Sima" and its unique Afrodisco aesthetic went more or less unheard of for a rough 21 years. Of the 50 tapes produced at the time, only three actually sold, which in no way does this infectious, funkified and lo-fi acoustic adventure justice.

Now, in order to rightfully honour the incredible story and portrait the artist behind behind this amazing recording, the Red Bull Music Academy produced a 25-minute documentary directed by Nathan Corbin and Tony Lowe. "Time Bomb" traces the footsteps of the enigmatic Ata Kak back to rural Ghana, where he is indeed live and well.

So without futher ado, watch "Time Bomb" below and feel free to stream "Obaa Sima" in full via the SoundCloud player above.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom