"Purple" Rain

A Tuareg Remake Of Prince's Iconic Rock Opera

As recently reported in the Guardian, the Saharan state of Niger, famous for its Tuareg community and bringing forth world-renowned "desert blues" artists the likes of Bombino, Terakraft and Tinariwen, has now produced a crowdfunded film, based on Prince's 1984 cult classic "Purple Rain".

While Prince is not widely known in West Africa, "the electric guitar has become synonymous with Tuareg culture" and the story of a kid trying to escape his violent life [...]

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School Of Thought

Danish Sampling Champions Den Sorte Skole Speak Their Mind

A few weeks ago, Danish sampling kings Den Sorte Skole (which translates to The Black School) released their much acclaimed and long-awaited fourth longplayer "Indians & Cowboys", a riveting 77-minute, genre-transcending patchwork of obscure samples and interweaving sounds from vinyl records across the globe, made available to the general public on a 'name your price' basis via their website.

In a fundamentally significant and highly recommendable guest [...]

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Thai Funk Essentials

High-Flying Texas Three-Piece Khruangbin Compiles A Mix Of Psych Rarities

On a recent stroll through the worldwide web we stumbled upon the up and coming Texas three-piece Khruangbin (meaning 'airplane' in Thai). Inspired by the obscure 1960s and 70s Thai funk recordings found on the notorious Monrakplengthai blog as well as Tarantino soundtracks, surf-rock sessions and groundbreaking space jazz explorations, the trio set out to find and define its own spiritual soundscapes in a barn on the Texan countryside.

Their recently [...]

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Echo & Tito

Tel Aviv's Infernal Duo Reveals Its Inner Bastard

What could arguably be mistaken as Disney's latest infernal duo actually is a sizzling two-piece, but of flesh and blood. Echo & Tito hail from Tel Aviv’s vibrant musical underground scene, bringing to the table a heavy mix of ethnic backgrounds and genre-defying styles of bass music, masterfully blended with electronic dub, hiphop, trip hop and glitch elements as well as soaring vocals.

Echo, alias Echo Morgenstern, the singer/MC and Tito, alias Tom Iddan, [...]

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Global Sound Movement

Releasing Rare Sounds From Across The Globe

Subject of a recent FACT magazine feature, the UK's University of Central Lancashire's Global Sound Movement team of staff and students is dedicated to "recording unique instruments from around the world and offering these sounds to composers/producers to enhance their pallet of sounds". Adding value to the overall project, they are also "committed to mapping the sonic landscapes of unique geographic locations", ultimately putting those remote spots on the [...]

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Fortuna Records

An Independent Tel Aviv Imprint Currently Surfing The International Airwaves

Currently creating a significant stir on the international airwaves is the Tel Aviv-based Fortuna Records label. With a slew of recent vinyl re-issues promoting vibrant and somewhat forgotten grooves from all over the Middle East, the DJ crew is also deeply ingrained on the local 'party' scene in such highly relevant initiatives as the popular underground Teder.fm 'pop up radio bar'.

Their claim to fame was the 2014 breakthrough re-issue of the super [...]

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Coxsone's Music

Soul Jazz Records Release Compilation of Groundbreaking Jamaican Recordings

London-based record label, record store, sound system, book publisher and radio broadcaster Soul Jazz Records has been digging up and re-releasing rare gems from a dizzying array of genres for the past 15 years. So if you are looking for rare grooves, obscure finds and superb re-issues, you now know, who to turn to.

Releasing this Friday, November 13th, is "Coxsone's Music", the label's stunning new, over two and a half hour collection of proto-ska, rhythm [...]

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Night Safari

South African Five-Piece John Wizards Share Mesmerising New Remix & Video

Ever since releasing their self-entitled debut-LP back in 2013, Cape Town-based five-piece John Wizards have risen from obscurity with “a cheerful conglomeration of intricate beatwork, swirling melodies, multifaceted instrumentation, and, of course, a nod to southern African sounds” (via Okayafrica).

Most recently they delivered a mindbending remix for Italian producer Populous’ “Night Safari” that was subsequently transformed into an animated music [...]

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Global Copenhagen

A World Music Venue Quite Out Of The Ordinary

Copenhagen's one and only non-profit world music venue, fittingly named Global, opened its doors to a mixed and multi-generational crowd of music enthusiasts back in 2006 and has since positioned itself as one of the prime establishments of its kind and in the world, while being the only venue in all of Denmark dedicated to the genre itself, as eloquently put in this well-written piece, recently published on Vice magazine's Noisey platform:

"World music is [...]

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The Traveller

Senegal's Baaba Maal Readies Eleventh Album

For over two decades now, Senegal's iconic singer and guitarist Baaba Maal has been one of the driving forces on the global music scene, having released several albums on independent as well as major labels.

Much to the delight of his many fans across the world, the master himself recently announced his new album and shared the trailer to the upcoming documentary on his Blues du Fleuve festival, to take place again in December:

"Beginning with a [...]

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Taking A Stand

The Jewish Monkeys Take The Stage Against Racism And Discrimination

These days it has become increasingly difficult to discern between what is right and what is wrong. What we write is supposed to be about music, but how can music these days not be political, if purely as a form of artistic expression?

Within the frame of their ongoing Global Warming Tour 2015, our very own Jewish Monkeys decided to travel to Dresden last week for a show of musical protest and solidarity, including concerts, workshops and jam sessions with [...]

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Polka For Punks

Take a closer look at Tel Aviv's burgeoning underground music scene and you will come to discover a host of promising acts, currently redefining Israel's musical landscape in their own sweet way. Among the most promising acts of this generation is MALOX.

Uber-talented reed player Eyal Talmudi and mega-drummer Roy Chen's two-man instrumental outfit blends elements from Klezmer, Jazz and more, in a wide array of warm, round and distorted sounds, "from Balkan [...]

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