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Ofelaš / Pathfinder

07/02/2019Nils Gaup's Oscar-Nominated Sámi Classic Is Gifted A Live Soundtrack

Attention all you film and music lovers out there! Here's a little something that's a bit out of the ordinary for you. This Friday, February 8th, 2019, will see a live screening of a Norwegian/Sámi classic, aka director Nils Gaup's intense, Oscar-nominated, action-filled feature film Ofelaš / Pathfinder (1987) and, what's more, it will be accompanied by a live soundtrack. 

The film is "set on the Finnmarksvidda plateau" with the protagonist being "Aigin, a young Sámi hunter who sees his family massacred by Chudes, a tribe from the East, and swears revenge". Nils Gaup's epic drama with its archaic pictures will now be presented before the sonic backdrop of a grand musical score by composer/percussionist Jakop Janssonn. The music is contemporary, but remains rooted in Sámi tradition and will be performed live by the acclaimed ensemble of Janssonn himself, singer Marja H.F. Mortensson (vocals, joik), Vladislav Demin (violin), Magnus Wiik  (dobro, banjo, mandolin) and Torje Asali Jenssen (guitar). Janssonn and Mortensson are both currently nominated for a Nordic Music Prize.

This promises to be an extraordinary audio-visual event. You can visit the FB event page here or check out the official trailer below. We also have 2 tickets up for grabs on our FB page. So if you happen to be in Berlin this Friday, be quick and swing by the Babylon cinema at 20:00. And don't forget to grab some popcorn on the way in!

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom