Oy Oy Emine

21/12/2018Falling In Love With Derya Yıldırım & Grup Şimşek's Catchy New Single

The "outernational pop-group" and Anatolian psych-pop sensation Derya Yıldırım & Grup Şimşek are back with new double-sided 7-inch single, released earlier this month on Bongo Joe Records

Following in the footsteps of their beautiful debut EP "Nem Kaldı" and their one-off "Üç Kız Bir Ana" release on Ironhand Records, the Hamburg-based five-piece is back with another traditional Turkish tune, a catchy lovesong about "about a man's mad love for a beautiful woman called Emine". Lead by Derya Yıldırım's superb voice, the track features the bağlama, wah-wah guitars, acid synthesizers and a dynamic rhythm section. "Oy Oy Emine" is also accompanied by a music video, which you can watch below. 

On the B-side we find an original track called "Kürk", which is more of a slow groover, folky, trippy and spacious. You can stream/buy both tracks on Bandcamp. The group is currently readying its debut full-length for 2019. We will be sure to keep you posted.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom