04/01/2019Franco-Ethiopian Group Readies Rocking Album Number Three

2019 is off to a rocking start as we present you album number three by Franco-Ethiopian group uKanDanZ, entitled "Yeketelale". Releasing on Buda Musique, the band was originally discovered by Francis Falceto and invited to perform at the “Ethiopian International Music Festival” in Ethiopia alongside charismatic veteran singer Asnake Guebreyes. 

From that moment on, uKanDanZ have thrilled countless audiences with their "heady brew of rock energy, saxophone zigzags, [hypnotic Ethiopian grooves] and crazy stage performances". After "Yechelal" (It's Possible) and "Awo" (Yes), here comes their latest 9-track feat "Yeketelale" ("It Continues"), as Damien Cluzel (guitars), Lionel Martin (tenor sax), Adrien Spirli (synth bass), Yann Lemeunier (drums) and Asnake Guebreyes "take on new colours and a new dimension, [...] more danceable than ever".

You can watch the companion music video to powerful opener "Gesse" below, which contains some great archival Super 8 footage, or simply buy/stream the full album via Bandcamp. Time to get moving, a new year awaits!

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom