Georgian Grooves

07/01/2019Re-listening To DJ Scientist's Epic 2014 Mix

We never stop digging for extraordinary tunes from around the globe. So when Laid Back Radio popped up in our News Feed a few days ago, teasing DJ Scientist's brand new mix of "German Boogie Essentials", we were all the more surprised to discover his previous mix of Georgian Groove Essentials. 

Originally released as a free download in December 2014, DJ Scientist's epic "The Georgian Groove Essentials" mix was realised as part of a series of Soviet Groove mixes, leading up to his "The Soviet Tape" release alongside Fulgeance, and features material released on Soviet state label Melodiya: "This time my attempt was to cover some of Georgia's unique musical output from the 70s and 80s. I hope you enjoy the distinct Georgian flavour in the songs, mostly recognisable in the traditional rhythmic and melodic approaches in the vocals. Furthermore, Georgia’s Pop music had strong influences from Jazz and Rock, and musicians from the small Caucasian country weren’t shy of using western compositions and adaptations on their, always state-controlled, albums. This amalgamation of styles makes it one of the most wonderful music relics from the Soviet era," DJ Scientist explains. 

DJ Scientist, aka Günter Stöppel, has been on our radar for quite some time now, ever since he dropped his stupendous "Godly Grooves" mixes in collaboration with DJ Arok back in 2009. The avid record collector, DJ and former Equinox record label owner from Munich/Berlin never fails to deliver. That being said, enjoy his selection of Georgian Grooves Essentials via the SoundCloud player above, or head straight to LaidBack's Mixcloud for his German Boogie Essentials and more musical goodness. DJ Scientist also just announced that he is currently working on a vinyl guide in book form with record collector Christoph Rexa and designer/publisher Thorsten Breyer called "Boogie by Accident". 

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom