London Remixed

22/01/2019A Live Music Culture Clash In The Heart Of The Capital

If you happen to be in London on February 1st and 2nd, you should definitely consider visiting this year's London Remixed Festival by the Global Local crew. Taking place on two days and on four stages at the Rich Mix art centre in Shoreditch, this live music culture clash showcases "the best in Latin Grooves, Afrobeats, Tropical Bass, Vintage-Remix, Desert Remix, Balkan Beats, Urban Roots, Acoustic Soundclash and Brass Band Remix".

The festival's main organisers Global Local are now in their 11th year of successfully creating events that aim "to provide professional performance opportunities to talented emerging artists from a wide range of cultures and communities". This year's festival will boast performances by over 25 bands, including ONIPA, Henge, Rum Buffalo, the London Remixed UK Garage Orchestra feat. the Blue Lion Band, Animanz, Malphino, The Brass Off, Gypsies of Bohemia and many more. Also, there will be a Disco Lift to navigate between stages as well as a Silent Disco café. 

Sounds like just the festival experience we love. And in case you are having second thoughts, check out the amazing atmosphere at last year's edition in the recap video below. Plus, it's indoors, so no risk of running into rainy weather. Get your tickets here

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom