Underwater Love

28/04/2017VIDEO: The Jewish Monkeys Premiere Loredana Antonelli's Superbly Animated & Choreographed New Music Video to "Pupik"

Today marks the official release day of "High Words", album number two by the crowd-pleasing Jewish Monkeys and well, what more can we say than: we are such proud parents!

Never ones to shy away from giving, this band of middle-aged crooners, psychoanalysts and self-proclaimed womanizers picked this day to air the brand new music video to their album track "Pupik". The clip tells a tale of love in the time of social networks, beautifully brought to life by Naples-based multimedia artist Loredana Antonelli and touchingly narrated by yours truly. The video was premiered earlier today via Jazzthing and is now available for public viewing on JewTube or below.

As for the group's sophomore album, bearing ten newish bangers and even more unbearable wisdom, you may want to ask your local record dealer or stick to Bandcamp/iTunes. From the whole family here at Greedy, we wish you a heartfelt 'gut shabbes' and sincerely hope you enjoy these high words!

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom