Catastrophic Life

21/10/2019The Jewish Monkeys Release Hilarious Music Video To Forthcoming Album's Title Track

"How did I find myself in the back seat of your life / Why did it feel so good, when you stabbed me with that knife?" Ah, the undeniable of joys of holy matrimony, married life or hell, as some may perceive it. Tel Aviv's Jewish Monkeys take their latest single "Catastrophic Life" behind closed doors and into the realms of the subconscious.

Released last Friday, the hilarious companion music video, directed by the infamous A.T. Mann and produced by London's Agile Films, was shot on location in beautiful Bulgaria, while trying to come to terms with some lousy weather. The shoot took place on three days, in different locations, involving an "enormous amount of props and costumes" in order to bring the crazy to life. 

The song (written by Gael Zaidner, Asaf Pariente, Omer Hershman) and video deal with the lonely life of a married man, played by Jewish Monkeys frontman Jossi Reich, aka Joe Fleisch, who finds himself in a marriage that is obviously in decline. As he drifts off into sleep in his separate bed, he manages to escape the daily drudge and humiliation and finds himself in a fantasy world with his fellow band members, a dreamscape that would have Freud in a frenzy, but see for yourselves.

"Catastrophic Life" is the title track off the group's forthcoming new album, set to release on November 8th, which incidentally marks the day the Jewish Monkeys embark on a new string of live dates

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom