Le Grand Bazar

15/11/2019The Jewish Monkeys Call On Us To Unite In Buoyant New Music Video

Our dear Jewish Monkeys are currently on the road in Germany and the Czech Republic, wowing the crowds with their recently released third studio album "Catastrophic Life", which sees the band venture into unfamiliar musical territory. And we dare see, they seem weirdly rejuvenated.

Shortly before the album's official release, the Jewish Monkeys unveiled the suave new music video to album track "Le Grand Bazar", an upbeat and liberating afrobeat-flavoured tune with French lyrics, inviting the people of the Southern hemisphere to free themselves from the victimisation of their colonial past and unite. Our planet is one great bazaar and our time is now. Let us stand as one.

The fun-filled video was shot in downtown Tel Aviv by director Dudu Vazana and is destined to spread the notorious energy of the Middle East, that same vibe that shaped the group's sound. But this wouldn't be the Jewish Monkeys if they didn't have a point to make. While everybody is out partying and dancing in the sun, the band members seem awkwardly detached from what is going on, unable to enjoy the moment. 

You can stream "Catastrophic Life" in full and enjoy every moment of "Le Grand Bazar" below. The Jewish Monkeys will be performing a few more gigs in Germany this weekend and then head on to Tel Aviv and Paris!

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom