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30/09/2019The Jewish Monkeys Release The Official Live Video To "All the Great Things"

Earlier this year back in March, Tel Aviv's Jewish Monkeys returned to Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic for a string of live shows, where they also performed the lead single "All the Great Things" from their forthcoming third full-length "Catastrophic Life".

It just so happened that they decided to record their kickoff concert at the state theatre of Mainz and turn their performance of "All the Great Things" into an official live video. Recently released to the general public, the subtly animated clip shows the Jewish Monkeys on stage and in action, swaying the crowd with their catchy ska grooves and witty lyrics, which we've included below for further reference.

"All the Great Things" was written by the band's very own Omer Hershman. You can watch the official live video below. "Catastrophic Life" releases on November 8th and will be accompanied by a tour. Check here for a list of all shows

Lyrics "All the Great Things"

All the great things happen / When you least expect them to happen /
They happen to distract you from the shit that happens in your life /
All the bad things happen / Cause’ you’re waiting for them to happen /
They happen when you open your arms and Invite them into your life /

But all these things don’t matter / If you put on a happy face
No matter how your enemies, or friends or family think you should act like /
Cause’ all the great things that happened through your life /
have made you realise that you should have, could have, would have done it all over again /
And again, and again and again and again...

Let’s sing a song tonight / Let’s drink till morning’s light /
This is not paradise / Take what’s wrong and make it right /
No need to justify, regret or analyse /
Just open up your eyes / Do what makes you satisfied!

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom