08/03/2016This Boozy Dance-Track Will Have You Questioning Your Own Morality

Two more dates to go on the last leg of the Jewish Monkeys' notorious "Global Warming Tour" through German lands. After a string of mesmerising performances in Stuttgart, Berlin, Leipzig, Hannover, Lübeck, Hamburg and Chemnitz, the semitic 'cage aux folles' is booked for two more shows.

Next Saturday, March 11th, the Monkeys are scheduled to play the 15th International Klezmer Festival in Fürth for the second time in a row, while on Sunday, March 12th, they visit Munich's Import/Export for a musical showdown with the like-minded Geoff Berner.

Odds are high, they will also perform their crowd-favourite "Romania", one of the wildest, booziest tracks off their debut album: A frivolous Yiddish persiflage about Rumanian Jews in old Eastern Europe at the beginning of the 20th century and their love for wine, food and night-long celebrations.

How fun it is, to visit another man's wife. How nice it is, to kiss a sixteen-year-old lady instead of an aging dame. How commendable, to advise someone's grown-up daughter to follow the same exciting path her mother once did.

If you agree, then this one is definitely for you. 430+ likes and 280+ shares on Facebook don't lie. Don't forget to click 'CC' for English subtitles. This one is for the ages:

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom