Luba Lubaviczer

12/10/2015Live In Fürth

Back in 2014, the Jewish Monkeys performed at the International Klezmer Festival in Fürth, Bavaria. Among our favourite live recordings from the concert is this rambling rendition of their ode to the fictive female temptress "Luba Lubaviczer", who had the boys in quite an infatuated frenzy. But hear for yourselves. Let's just say the audience got it's fair share of 'oy's:

"Petrosilia / Che Guevara
Rojte Paprika / Mata Hari
Superwomen / Metaplastik



Luba, Luba, Luba, Luba!! / Dayne Oygn hobn sech arayngedrayt in mayne Nishume/ Und ich bin im / Ganzn meshigge gewordn / Oy oy oy oy

Luba, Luba, Luba, Luba!! / Your eyes crashed into my soul/and I became totally crazy / Oy oy oy oy"

For more lyrics check out the Monkeys' "Mania Regressia" album here.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom