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A London Triple

09/08/2015Jewish Monkeys Live @ Passing Clouds

On a weekend in March, the Jewish Monkeys travelled to London to play three consecutive club shows in the British capital. Unfortunately, upon arrival at Heathrow Airport, they were detained and questioned for a rough eight hours, before finally making it to their first gig with a slight delay. Once on stage however, they performed with such energy, passion and enthusiasm, releasing all the tension and turning the negative energy into boisterously good vibes, that they instantly brought the audience to its feet. And what’s more, there is even an official video shot at Dalston’s Bohemian multicultural centre and music venue Passing Clouds during their Spring Equinox Forest Party, visually documenting one of the Monkeys' most memorable London live performances, which you can see below! One visitor was even prompted to write a short concert review sharing her personal impressions and appreciation for the band. Tip of the hat to you London! We'll be back.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom