High Words

27/03/2017The Jewish Monkeys Unveil The Title Track To Their Forthcoming Sophomore Full-Length

March Madness! Hot on the heels of their recent, raucous tour of 'Doitschland', which capped off with a sold-out show in their hometown of Frankfurt, the Jewish Monkeys continue to unleash new heat off their forthcoming sophomore full-length "High Words", to be released officially next month on April 28th!

Following the release of the first heated album preview "Fever" they now premier the companion video to the album's title track, filmed at the same scrapyard you may remember from their blazing Berlin Sessions performance of "Titina" and featuring another onslaught of witty eloquence:

"Transformation, realization /Adulation, young sweet Asian / Specification, over population / Oi Vey, we are the last generation!" sing the three Jewish Monkeys frontmen, including charismatic new addition Assaf Pariente. The group will be back to perform in Germany in May. Check the dates!

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom