Gaza Trip

18/11/2016MALOX Premier New Parkour Video On The Occasion Of Palestinian Independence Day

November 15th marked Palestinian Independence Day, as proclaimed by Yasser Arafat in 1988. And although this day may have slipped under your radar, MALOX decided to issue a musical statement by premiering the official music video to the title track of their third studio album "Gaza Trip" on this day.

The video features a rare collaboration between two Israeli musicians, aka MALOX, and Palestinian parkour athletes 3run Gaza. Despite ongoing political conflict, the two groups managed to come together and creatively channel their aspirations for a peaceful co-existence.

“We recorded the song when I was living closer to Gaza and could hear everything that was happening nearby. We began collaborating with Israeli singer ECHO and guitarist Uri Brauner Kinrot and we had the idea to bring the everyday sights of Gaza to our video along with director Yoav Ruda. Israel’s treatment of Palestine troubles us greatly, and it is part of our role as artists to talk about the occupation and restrictions on movement", comment MALOX.

See the acrobatic video below with a soundtrack by MALOX, featuring Echo (of Echo & Tito), Uri Brauner Kinrot (of Boom Pam) and, last but not least, the members of 3run GAZA:

"I’ve climbed the tallest mountain and still I couldn't see / I wanted to be happy when the party comes to me / Sounds from a mono stereo, put on your records and dance / I wanted to be happy, take me to your special place... / We arrived to a garden with a cinema, minimal screen / They all looked like criminals, mommy I'm scared / I'm dancing without control, and I know I'm gonna slip and maybe fall / Double my trouble and take me again / Gardens are walls inside my head / Break my own rules, give me a shot / Try to be free, take what I got / I gotta be patient, the fire it starts / Down from the feet, straight to the heart / I used to have power, I used to feel grip / Until somebody gave me my first Gaza trip."

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom