Building Bridges

19/10/2015Concerts, Workshops, Jam & Recording Sessions For Refugees In Dresden

Last Saturday the tireless Tel Aviv-based Jewish Monkeys rocked Copenhagen's Global music venue only to travel to Dresden one day later for a series of concerts, workshops, jam sessions and 'bridge-building' with refugees there, in a call for more humanity and less racism:

"It's a special honour for us to play for people from our neighbouring country Syria and to build bridges with the potential to overcome hostility. Just like the generation of our grandparents during the holocaust, refugees from Syria and other countries today are often refused and left to their own devices", says Jossi Reich, singer and speaker of the band.

The "Kulturbrücke Dresden Tel Aviv"-initiative, brainchild of Jean Trouillet (manager of the Jewish Monkeys) and Björn Riemeier (Dynamite Concerts), successfully kicked off yesterday with the official "One Love Concert" and includes several days of musical events and activities taking place in Dresden during the following days, focussing on the international refugee crisis:

      • October 18th, 19:00hrs: "One Love Concert" for refugees and their aides at four different homes.
      • October 19th, daytime: Workshops & Jam Sessions w/ refugees + Banda Comunale @ Schauspielhaus.
      • October 20th, daytime: Recording & Jam Sessions w/ Dresden musicians and refugees.
      • October 20th, 20:00hrs: Guest appearance in Anna Mateur's 'Büro für Chaos und Ordnung' (sold-out) @ Scheune.
      • October 21st, daytime: Recording & Jam Sessions w/ Dresden musicians and refugees.
      • October 22nd, daytime: Recording & Jam Sessions w/ Dresden musicians and refugees.

In light of the recent rise of the anti-immigrant/anti-foreigner Pegida movement in Germany (with its hub in Dresden), the Jewish Monkeys are more than happy to accept the invitation to return to Dresden and take a musical stance, while performing and jamming with local musicians and bands (Anna Mateur, Banda Comunale, Yellow Umbrella) as well as refugees (i.e. oud players from Syria or krar players from Eritrea and many more) and recording pieces for their new album. The Kulturbrücke project is scheduled to ensue in May 2016 with a large concert including all participants.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom