24/04/2020Kutiman Returns With Dreamy 8-Minute-30-Something Jazzpedition Through The Night

It's only been about two months, but considering the current isolated situation, it seems like ages ago that we thoroughly rejoiced over Kutiman's blazing desert funk EP "Saluf", containing two standout tracks that were just what we had been hoping to hear from the multi-talented Israeli producer. While that record is still grooving on our turntable, here comes another adventurous, jazz-infused piece of music by the man himself, entitled "Layla". 

Releasing today on Siyal Music, "Layla" (meaning 'night' in Hebrew) is another welcome dose of Middle Eastern happiness. And if you ask us, we recommend you take this pill and embark on a dreamy, jazzadelic ride through the night meant to ease your weary mind. The journey comes in three parts, but should be considered as one. We were particularly taken by part three that takes a wicked turn towards a crepuscule of off-kilter jungle drums and hallucinogenic synth-bits.

The track (or tracks) concludes at 8 minutes and 30-something seconds, prompting us to re-wind and take it from the top. What a trip this is and what more to say than: layla tov, or good night!

Fellow musicians on "Layla": 
Shlomi Alon (saxophone)
Sefi Zisling (trumpet)
Yair Slutzki (trombone)
Music and all other instruments by Kutiman...artwork by Maayan Shahar.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom